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Island hopping 

Felicite and Cocos islands

Island-hopping is made possible through a regular network of air and sea transport primarily operating out of the principal island, Mahé. 


Air Seychelles operates a shuttle service between Mahé and Praslin, the second largest island.  The flight lasts only 15 minutes with an average of 20 return flights every day.  Air Seychelles also operates other inter-island flights, usually on the request of hotels to Bird, Denis, Desroches and Alphonse Islands. 

Felicite and Cocos islands                        © STB


Also part of the air network is Helicopter Seychelles, which is a helicopter charter company specialising in island transfers (incl. transfers to La Digue), excursions and chartered scenic flights throughout Seychelles. The Islands Development Company (IDC) specialises in charter flights mostly to the Outer Islands of Seychelles.


Two types of sea ferry operate in Seychelles: the traditional and the modern.  The traditional, sail-assisted schooner-type ferry chiefly operates from the Inter-Island Quay of Victoria on Mahé to Baie Ste. Anne Jetty on Praslin (2½hrs duration), or to La Passe Jetty on La Digue (3hrs duration). 


The modern mode is the Cat Cocos service, a fast and modern catamaran that operates transfers between the Inter-Island Quay of Victoria and the Baie Ste. Anne Jetty on Praslin (less than 1hour duration). 


Detailed information about all Seychelles islands may be found here.  


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Guide to Islands Access and Fees 

With 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean between 4° and 10° south of the Equator, Seychelles offers diverse and impressive sailing opportunities. While you are free to explore most of Seychelles’ waters at will, there are some islands with certain access limitations. 


The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) has prepared this document as a convenient reference guide so that sailors can have all the requirements and particulars at their fingertips. It lists the islands of interest that are either in a Marine National Park area or a Nature Reserve, those that are privately or publicly owned, and those managed by the Island Development Company (IDC). It also lists the required formalities necessary for access, landing/entry fees, overnight mooring fees, and the contact details for the islands in question. 


We hope that this information will aid you in having a hassle free sailing holiday in Seychelles. 


Please click here and download the document 


While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this document, STB takes no liability for any errors or omissions. The information is subject to change without notice and should be re-confirmed with the relevant authorities. 

Updated – May 2007


Means of transport on the islands 

On the main islands of Mahé and Praslin getting around by bus is easy with designated bus stops on all routes.  On Mahé the central bus depot is in Victoria and services the various districts between 0530hrs and 2200hrs, although services on most routes are less frequent after 1830hrs. Consult a detailed bus schedule, which can be obtained from the bus depot, for exact departure and arrival times. 

Independently operated taxis are available on Mahé and Praslin, and a handful on La Digue. You can hail one from the street, at designated taxi stands or by simply phoning a driver directly.  It is advisable to request a metered ride, or if a particular taxi is not equipped with a meter, quotes should be negotiated and agreed prior to the trip.  Many drivers will take clients on sightseeing tours for a set tariff.


Cars may be hired only on Mahé and Praslin with several companies represented at the International airport on Mahé and at the larger hotels. Car rental can also be booked online or through your tour operator before your arrival. A valid E.U. or International licence is required to rent vehicles and most companies will deliver your rental to a location of your choice. Vehicles are driven on the left-hand side. 


There are also the services of knowledgeable guides who will help you to discover the numerous walking trails and interesting sites on the islands, by foot or in the comfort of a tour bus. 


You can also discover the islands by bicycle, readily available for hire on La Digue and Praslin, where they are a popular mode of transport. 

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Source: Seychelles Tourism Board


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