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Types of fishing that are practiced in Seychelles 

Whether you are an experienced sports fisherman or an enthusiastic beginner, you will be thrilled by the opportunities that
Seychelles’ fish-rich waters offer.

Try your hand at big-game fishing and the unforgettable experience of trolling in pristine, azure waters from a range of modern fishing boats.

Experienced crew will help you exceed your fishing expectations beyond your imagination.


                                                                                              Félicité and Cocos islands © STB

Alternatively, you can try fly-fishing in the shallow waters surrounding the
Inner Islands
or even practice the art of blue-water fly-fishing.

The traditional technique of bottom-fishing will land you a catch of spirited coral-reef fish and grace your table with some of the tastiest fish in the world.

SeychellesOuter Islands
offer the experienced fisherman the opportunity to enter the record books in remoter waters, far from the more commonly visited fishing grounds.

Big-game fishing in these virgin waters provides the ultimate challenge as does fly-fishing from the fish-rich flats of the St. François, Poivre and d’Arros atolls.

Blue-water fly-fishing in the waters surrounding these lost island worlds can yield extraordinary results as can bottom-fishing expeditions in the deeper waters where the monster coral fish dwell.

Not to be missed is the excitement of night-fishing for pickhandle barracuda or shark off a variety of island locations. 

Fishing around the
Inner Islands

offers year round fishing in over 1.4 million km² of fish-rich waters that surrounds the 115 sparkling and diverse isles of the archipelago. With such diversity and choice in fishing locations, your fishing experience in Seychelles promises you excitement and the possibility of landing your dream catch.

The fishing grounds around the Inner Islands offer both the big-game and fly-fisherman a varied catch that includes the spectacular sailfish, wahoo, greater barracuda, rainbow runner, milkfish, bonefish, trevally, barracuda and jobfish as well as varieties of bonito and tuna.

The bottom-fisherman, meanwhile, can pit his skills against snappers, coral-trouts, seabass and groupers - just a few of the spectacular species to be found around the

Fishing around the Outer Islands

Outer Islands
offers a chance to test one’s game-fishing skills against the mighty marlin, sailfish, giant dogtooth tuna and yellow fin tuna, the larger ocean-going sharks and many other species.

Several of the outlying atolls such as those in the Amirantes and Alphonse groups are considered to offer the best fly-fishing in the world and the chance to enter the record books with catches of 5kg bonefish, 25kg trevally and also barracuda. Given the abundance of fish, blue-water fly-fishing can be especially challenging and rewarding.

Bottom-fishing in these little-fished waters can yield groupers that weigh in excess of 30kg as well as massive trevally, kingfish, greater baraccuda, snapper, emperor and bream. 


While you are free to fish in most areas of
Seychelles’ waters at will, there are a few limitations which are often meant to help preserve the unique and fragile environment so that all can enjoy it today and in the years to come. In the Inner Islands, fishing is prohibited within the boundaries of the Curieuse, Ile Cocos, Port Launay/Baie Ternay and Ste. Anne Marine National Parks. To ensure that the law is upheld, these areas are patrolled by park rangers.

In addition, no fishing is permitted within 200 metres from Aride Island Nature Reserve beach.

Some specific regions of the
Outer Islands are also restricted for both commercial and sport fishing. For instance, no fishing can be undertaken by any fishing trip operator or vessel within 20 nautical miles of Alphonse Island, other than the operator currently based on and organizing fishing trips from Alphonse Island itself.

Similarly, no fishing is allowed around the
island of Aldabra which is one of Seychelles’ two World Heritage sites.


Fishing Seasons

In Seychelles, fishing can be enjoyed on very much a year-round basis that is divided into specific seasons, each one suited to a specific type of fishing and each one full of promise for the expert fisherman and novice alike.

For instance, big-game fishing is an all year-round activity, whereas the months of November to May are more appropriate for bottom-fishing and fly-fishing.

Seychelles the ocean is subject to currents with speeds of 0.5 up to 1.5 knots that develop with the trade winds. There are two opposing wind patterns in Seychelles
, blowing seasonally either north-westerly (December to March) or south-easterly (May to September).

The north-westerly trades often have intermittent rain squalls and stronger winds during the period December to March. These are sometimes associated with the presence of tropical cyclones over the south-west
Indian Ocean. Luckily, however, all of Seychelles
’ islands lie well outside the cyclone belt, with the exception of the most southerly outer islands.

The south-easterly trades are drier and tend to blow more consistently throughout the day and into the night, reaching its peak in July/August.

In the months of April and November there are calm and sometimes windless periods when the trade winds change direction. These light and variable wind periods are accompanied by calm seas and clear waters.

Equipment Rental & Purchase

One of the advantages of fishing in Seychelles is that no fishing license is required for recreational fishing.

While there are a few retail outlets that cater for the basic needs of the fishermen, visiting fishermen should bear in mind that local fishing tackle shops may not be as common as they may be used to back home and may not stock favorite items or brands. In order to avoid disappointment, it is advisable to bring along an adequate supply of tackle as there are no specialized fishing equipment hire or servicing establishments.

Nevertheless, each charter operator will cater for their individual fishing charter. We advise professional fishermen to check equipment availability with their fishing trip operator prior to booking.

Air Seychelles offers a free sporting equipment allowance of 10kg, which applies to diving, golf, fishing and surfing equipment. The equipment is weighed separately and if the weight is less than 10kg no supplement will be payable. If the weight exceeds 10kg, the equipment is added with the other checked luggage and any excess weight above the specified baggage allowance will be payable.  


To profit from the sporting equipment allowance on connecting flights to Praslin, visitors must travel exclusively with Air Seychelles and the Praslin sector must be reproduced on the same ticket as your international sector.  


Fishes of Seychelles 


The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), with the assistance of the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA), has prepared this document as a convenient reference guide so that visiting seasoned and novice fishermen can have an appreciation of the fish stock that they may encounter, or better still catch, whilst fishing in Seychelles. 


The list has been classified into three main categories of fish (pelagic, demersal and sharks), with a further breakdown into sub-species. The English, scientific and Creole names are given.  


Please click here and get the list (the connection to the STB may be sometimes unavailable).  


Source : Seychelles Tourism Board 


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