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Distance (in km) and journey time (in hours) between some towns in Madagascar.

You find hereunder the road distances in km as well as the journey time by road and by air between Antananarivo and different other cities in Madagascar.

The driving time varies significantly with the weather conditions (dry season or rainy season) and the kind of car. Usually, the actual travel times are noticeably longer.

The flight duration depend on the type of aircraft.

1 km = 0.6213 mile         1 mile = 1.6093 km


                      By road

  By air

From Antanarivo


Ivato Airport TNR

AAntsiranana (Diego-Suarez)




Nosy Be



Mahajanga (Majunga)




Toliara (Tuléar)


Nosy Boraha (Sainte Marie)



Toamasina (Tamatave)








Ranohira (Isalo)


Tolagnaro (Fort- Dauphin)

Distance (km)








  + boat









  + boat













Driving time (hours)

Car      -     Bush taxi

 0h45   -          0h45

21h00   -       24h00


17h00   -       20h00


17h30   -       20h30

      + boat 0h30


  8h00   -      11h00


10h00   -      19h00


15h00   -      24h00


  7h30   -      11h30

       + boat 2h30


  5h00   -        7h30


  2h30   -        3h00


  6h00    -       9h30


  7h30    -     12h00


  9h30    -     18h00

Flight duration


1h20   -   2h00


 No flight


1h05   -    1h30



0h45   -    1h05


0h45   -    1h00


1h05   -    1h40


0h55   -    1h15



0h45    -    1h00


No flight


No flight


No regular flight


  No flight


1h15   -   1h40

The best roads in Madagascar are the main roads starting from the Capital of the country, Antananarivo:
-- RN 2 between Antananarivo and Toamasina and RN 5 between Toamasina and Soanierana-Ivongo (East)
-- RN 7 between Antananarivo and Toliara (South)
-- RN 4 and RN 6 between Antananarivo and Mahajanga (West) and Diego-Suarez (North)
-- RN 1 between Antananarivo and Tsiroanomandidy (West)
as well as RN 34 between Antsirabe and Miandrivazo (Tsiribihina),  and a few road sections on the Eastern Coast.

All the other roads are in bad conditions. Most of them are non-paved roads. Some roads may be impassable during the rainy season.

With regards to the domestic flights, in addition to those stated above, there are also:
-- the flights from Antananarivo to Sambava (1h05 - 1h25) and Maroantsetra (1h15) on the Northeastern Coast,
-- the flights from Diego Suarez to Nosy Be (0h25) and Mahajanga (0h55 - 1h15) on the Northwestern side,
-- the flights from Nosy be to Mahajanga (0h45 - 1h00) on the Western Coast,
-- the flights from Toamasina to Nosy Boraha (0h30) on the Eastern side,
-- the flights between Tolagnaro and Toliara (0h45) in the Southern part of Madagascar.

The frequency of domestic flights varies with the destination: it ranges from several flights per week to just one flight per month. 


Google maps
driving directions and city maps in madagascar with google maps - the driving times are rather underestimated.
itinerary planning with mapquest.
Bing maps
driving directions and city maps in madagascar with microsoft bing maps - the distances and journey times are noticeably underestimated.
route planner, itinerary, and street maps in madagascar with nokia maps - at the time of writing, this tool is not reliable as for madagascar.

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