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Laos > Money, exchange rate, banknotes and credit cards


The Kip (LAK) is the currency of Laos since 1952. The kip is sub-divided into 100 att. 


In 1976, the Pathet Lao kip replaced the Royal kip throughout Laos following the Pathet Lao’s take over of the country. The exchange rate between the two kip was 1 Pathet Lao kip = 20 royal kip. 


In 1979, a currency reform took place, replacing 100 old (Pathet Lao or liberation kip) kip by one new kip. 

Coins were issued dated 1980 in denominations of 10, 20 and 50 att. However, due to
chronic inflation there are no coins currently in circulation in Laos. 


As for banknotes, see hereunder the link to the Bank of Lao PDR.   


Many countries in Asia prefer or even require US dollars. Laos is an exception and most places there require payment in kip, the local currency. 


ATMs are pretty scarce in Laos. 


Central Bank
bank of lao pdr : kip, the lao currency, banknotes.
foreign exchange rates - oanda currency converter.
currency converter.
foreign exchange rates of the banque pour le commerce extérieur lao.

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Laos : Money, exchange rate, banknotes and credit cards