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December 2018 - Cape Verde: Removal of the visa for European nationals.

As from January 1, 2019, nationals of countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland will be exempted from applying for a visa for stays not exceeding 30 days in Cape Verde. On the other hand, an airport security tax will be applied from 1 January 2019 at the rate of 150 CVE escudos (about US$ 1.50) for domestic flights and 3400 CVE escudos (about US$ 35) for international flights. Children under 2 years, passengers in transit and citizens of Cape Verde must not pay this tax. Other travelers who are exempted from the visa must register on the website set up for this purpose and pay the tax before their arrival in Cape Verde. Otherwise, they may exceptionally pay the tax upon arrival in Cape Verde.

July 2017 -
Cape Verde:  Visa being abolished for European citizens.

Cape Verde announces that as of January 2018, European citizens will be exempted from visas for a maximum tourist stay of 30 days in Cape Verde. However, they will have to obtain online an entry permit to the country at least 5 days before their arrival (the website required for this purpose is still to be built).

An e-visa system will be provided for citizens of other countries. Tourist arrivals are steeply rising in Cape Verde and account currently for 21% of the country's GDP.

26 April 2016: Cape Verde - Shootout on the island of Santiago.

A shootout occurred on April 26 at a military barrack protecting a hilltop telecommunications outpost on the island of Santiago in Cape Verde. The soldier who is suspected of killing 11 people, including eight soldiers, was arrested. This incident, exceptional in Cape Verde, has created a great stir in the archipelago and is still rather unexplained.

On the other hand, the new Government formed by the MPD party (Movement for Democracy), winner of the parliamentary elections of March 20, took office while the African Party for independence of Cape Verde (PAICV) ruled over the archipelago for the last 15 years. The handover happened peacefully.


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