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Travel guide to Macau


Map of Macau

1.  Introduction : Macau main attractions - orientation 

    Macau, though often mentioned in the same breath as Hong Kong, is an intrinsically different place and   

    worthy of a trip in its own right. Read more. 


2. Sightseeing - Architectural Treasures 

    Much of Macau’s appeal and charm comes from its Portuguese architecture, which was, until recently,    

    being quietly left to rot away. Even the shortest of strolls through historic San Malo will unveil a host of  

    buildings unrivaled in style or grandeur elsewhere in China. Read more. 


3. Sightseeing - Churches & Temples 

    The Portuguese period has left Macau with a legion of grand and beautiful churches, while its Chinese  

    history provides a host of atmospheric temples, many dedicated to gods associated with the seafaring  

    nature of the territory. A-Ma TempleRead more. 


4. Sightseeing – Parks 

    Macau gets very hot in summer and its parks offer respite from the sun, a few historic monuments and    

    lots of good people-watching opportunities.  Read more. 


5. Sightseeing – Taipa and Coloane 

   Connected to the mainland by three bridges, these days Taipa is little more than an extension of the  

   peninsula. The island is home to Macau’s horseracing track and a couple of large parks, along with  

   the international airport… Read more. 

   Map of Taipa and Coloane


6. Macau museums 

    Macau has a collection of museums covering everything from its maritime tradition to the Grand Prix  

    and wine. You can buy a five-day pass… Read more. 


7. Macau history 

   Though archeological finds indicate that Macau has been continuously inhabited for the last six   

   millennia, until five hundred years ago, its history was little different from that of any other coastal area  

   along the South China Sea. However, the expansion of European seafaring saw Portuguese       

   traders…Read more. 


8. Tourist information 

    The Macau Tourist Office website is a good starting place for pretrip research.


9. Events and festivals in Macau 

   Macau’s varied cultural history has given it a full schedule of events and festivals throughout the year.    

   Read more. 


10. Macau Adventures

     Macau has an abundance of adventures from city strolls to quiet hikes, clifftop golf to gambling at  

     casinos and racecourses, or the adrenaline rush of adventure sports. 

      Part 1:  Bungee, Golf, Gambling, Casinos, Watersports 

      Part 2 : Walks – San Malo, Churches, Coloane 

11. Check the cheapest air tickets to Macau

How to get to Macau

     The most common way to arrive in Macau is by boat from Hong Kong, but it also has an international      

     airport with flights from other Asian cities and increasingly more Chinese cities, as well as a land border    

     with China. Read more. 

13. How to get around Macau 

     Macau is a small place with ever more roads and bridges and an efficient public transport system.      

     Read more 

14. Where to stay in Macao
     Find hotels in Macao, compare prices and book online: easy and fast 

14. Useful information 

      Currency, language, entry requirements (visa),… 

15. Pictures from Macau : Picture gallery 1, Picture gallery 2

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