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How to get to Cambodia 


Getting there is not easy. There are some flights, but nothing on the international scene. That may change rapidly. You can fly in from Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, or come overland on lousy roads. You can also take the slow boat route. There is no true national air carrier.


From Outside Asia 


Currently no major North American or European airlines serve Cambodia. Since it has no true ocean ports, sailing is also not an option. You can take a ferry from Poipet in Thailand to the coast by Sihanoukville and it may be possible to take a ferry from Vietnam’s Mekong Delta cities, but service is spotty at best, and downright uncomfortable in many cases. You’ll need to get a visa in advance. 


If you fly, you’ll have to go to a major Asian gateway city, then go to either Bangkok, Hô Chi Minh City, or a few other cities to get a flight into Cambodia. Shop around – there are often great deals to reach an Asian gateway (Bangkok or Saigon) if you are flexible in your routing.


Check websites for the airlines you prefer or compare prices here. 

From Inside Asia 

 There is no viable rail service at present, so you have only a few choices. You can take a bus or mini-bus from several adjacent countries, you can fly, or you can enter via river or ferry boat. In theory, you could hike or bicycle in, but the trip would be long, the terrain quite rugged, and the risks from wildlife and unexploded ordnance unacceptable to most travelers.  If you arrive by any means other than flying into Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, get your visa in advance. 


You can get from Vietnam to Cambodia on either Vietnam Airlines or Siem Reap Airlines. You can get from Thailand to Cambodia on Bangkok Air or Siem Reap Airlines.


Siem Reap Airlines or Bangkok Air are the primary carriers for internal flights and many flights to adjacent countries. The airlines may do code shares with Vietnam Airlines and Bangkok Air. The Siem Reap and Bangkok Air aircraft are generally up to Western standards with Western-trained pilots and maintenance staff. Always check to see which airline is actually flying your flight. The two airlines also have an airpass – a good idea to consider if your travels include Thailand. You can actually book online as well as find schedule information on website. 


While most US and major European airlines no longer require reconfirmation of flights, Asian airlines are different. There is a high demand for seats, so if you fail to reconfirm at least 72 hours before your flight –you should actually do so at least 72 hours before and again the day before – you may not have a seat.  


Flights between adjacent countries in Southeast Asia and within countries are overbooked and frequently canceled or rescheduled. In fact, flights often leave earlier than originally scheduled, so you could be there on-time and still miss your flight. Asian airlines depart the minute the plane is full. 

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