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Why Visit China 


China, a country of superlatives, most populous of nations, hidden for so long, is now emerging onto the world travel scene. From frozen north to tropical south, modern east to wild west, this is a huge, diverse land just waiting to be explored.


It abounds in magnificent sights –some are natural like the mystical limestone peaks of Guangxi, while others are manmade testaments to the power and glory of China’s past, such as the Forbidden City. Some are a combination of the two such as the Great Wall or the impossibly steep Longji rice-terraces, where man has ruthlessly crowned nature’s achievements.


China is the fastest-changing country in the world, it’s no wonder the race to see China is on. The events of the last 50 years have blanketed and even physically destroyed previous images of this vast unknown land and, until recently, many people’s perception was of little more than an overpopulated, oppressed, Communist country.


Fortunately, China has opened up, in its owninimitable way, and is here to challenge preconceptions. Phenomenal wealth exists side-by-side with poverty and the Middle Kingdom’s growing middle class are eagerly exchanging their bicycles for motorcycles and work unit housing for smart new apartment complexes. Yet China still has one of the world’s worst human rights records, and there are serious questions that need to be answered about where the current ideology is taking this giant.


The system allows for capitalist money-flow, with the crushing power of communism to dictate exactly what happens where and when. Corruption aside, this system is efficient but leaves little say for the people. The Three Gorges Dam Project, dislodging well over a million people, is a case in point. While equality and the distribution of resources are supposedly central tenets of communism, little of the cities’ new-found wealth makes its way to the impoverished rural majority.



So much to offer 

China is such an enormous place with so much to offer that you could spend your whole life here and never see it all, especially since previously inaccessible areas are continually opening up to foreign visitors. Thus it is best taken in bite-sized chunks or, if you have the opportunity, in an extended stay. But even on a short trip it’s possible to link up several of the areas we cover in one trip.


Terracotta Army, China

This guide is designed to allow you to experience as many facets of the country as possible, while concentrating on a few, select areas that can offer a broad insight into China.

These are the great cities of
Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, the Terracotta Warriors near Xi’an, the Yangzi River’s Three Gorges and the majestic rural scenery around Guilin in Guangxi Province.

Tourist destinations in China include also the imperial retreat at Chengde near Beijing and the picturesque cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou close to Shanghai, while the freshly painted mountain scenery of Huangshan adds a little rural flavor to this highly developed part of the country.

Yangshuo near
Guilin makes for a lower-key introduction to this idyllic rural area and is a great place to try your hand at Chinese calligraphy or tai chi and Longji up in the hills is unmissable for its rice terraces.


Proceeding south, Guangzhou and Shenzhen offer many visitors their first taste of mainland China while, nestled on the western side of the Pearl River Delta, Macau is definitely worth the short boat ride from Hong Kong.


Whether climbing, shopping, sightseeing or studying, in these places you will find adventures that stimulate the body and mind, getting you into the heart of the country and under the skin of its culture.


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