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Phnom Penh Travel Guide (Part 3) 

What to See & Do around Phnom Penh

Day-Trips from
Phnom Penh 


Travel agents are happy to arrange these trips for you, or you can hire your own transportation or moto, or let your hotel arrange everything. 


Oudong was the royal capital before Phnom Penh. It is about 20 miles (35 km) north of Phnom Penh. Although it was the center of power for about 250 years from 1618 to 1866 (the arrival of the French),little remains but the foundation of the old palace. There are some memorials to the Khmer Rouge’s victims, but little else of note. The views from the high points are spectacular, though. 


Choueng Ek – The Killing Fields 

If you have the time you really should go here. The killing fields are in a class with Dachau and Auschwitz. They have to be felt, not just looked at. There is a glass tower filled with the skulls of thousands of men, women, and children killed by the Khmer Rouge under the direction of Pol Pot and his cronies. 

There is an admission charge of about $3. The site is southwest of
Phnom Penh, about 15 km/10 miles out along Monireth Boulevard. You can easily hire a moto for a few dollars to take you, wait, and bring you back. 


If you want to do some hiking close to the city, this park is about 50 miles (82 km) southwest of Phnom Penh. It is covered with beautiful pine trees, filled with hiking trails, and has very attractive picnic spots. It is not a good idea to bathe or swim here though – there have been ongoing problems with pollution in the waters.

There is an off-chance you might see some interesting wildlife – a census about 10 years ago recorded deer, tigers, leopards, and other animals. It will cost $8-$10 to rent a motorbike or $30 for a car. If you want a motorbike and driver, expect to pay around $15 for the day. It is possible to stay overnight at the very basic Kirirom Guest House, but you are 10 km/six miles from the park. 

Mekong River Cruises

A number of local tour operators are offering “cruises” down the Mekong. This is a great way to observe a fast-disappearing way of river life. You can also hire a boat at the quay for about $10-$12 per hour, bring your own food, and make a day of it, stopping wherever the spirit moves you.

Map of Phnom Penh

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Cambodia : What to see and do around Phnom Penh - Kirirom National Park, Oudong, The Killing Fields