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Pictures from Seychelles (photo gallery 8): fruit and market, Anse intendance beach, Magpie Robin, boat in clear waters.

Seychelles fruit
Seychelles fruit

Anse Intendance, Mahé

With half a mile of powder white sand, the famous Intendance beach is located in southern Mahé (Seychelles), about 15km from the airport. There is no reef so the waves are much larger than most of the other beaches around the island, making it more suitable for sunbathing and surfing than for swimming. During the south-east trade winds, the waves can reach fearsome heights.

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Birdwatching Seychelles,  Magpie Robin
Birdwatching,  Seychelles Magpie Robin (Copsychus sechellarum).

The Seychelles magpie-robin is a medium-sized insectivorous bird. In 1990, there were only 21 remaining individuals, all on Frégate Island. The Seychelles magpie-robin was one of the world's rarest birds. Then, BirdLife International began preservation efforts to save the magpie robin, restored the habitat and transferred some of the birds gradually to 4 other islands of Seychelles (Cousin, Cousine, Aride, and Denis islands). As the population grew, the IUCN has downlisted its status from Critically Endangered to Endangered.

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cruise Seychelles
Boat in Shallows, Seychelles. All pictures above © Seychelles Tourism Board

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Seychelles pictures : Anse Intendance (Mahé), Seychelles Fruit, Magpie Robin, Boat in Shallows