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Pictures from Changu Narayan, Nepal: Vishnu Temple of Changu Narayan and Statue of Garuda in front of the Changu Narayan Temple (Kathmandu valley).

Changu Narayan, Nepal - Toranna of the Vishnu Temple
Changu Narayan, Nepal - Toranna of the Vishnu Temple.                                

The Changu Narayan
temple is a pagoda style temple and one of the oldest Hindu temples of the Kathmandu valley. It is situated at the top of the hill near the Chakranarayan village, about 15 km east of Kathmandu. The former name of Changu Narayan was "Dola Shikar Swami". The Hindu pray to Changu Narayan as Garuda Narayan and the Buddhist call it " Hari Hari Hari Vahan Lokeswor".

The Changu Narayan
temple is famous for its beauty. It is also known for the collection of superb statues and fine sculptures as well as the manadeva pillar in the temple courtyard. The restoration of the temple has been undertaken for many years. The place is a protected world heritage site (Unesco). 

The Changu Narayan Temple is dedicated to Narayan (Vishnu) while the Pashupatinath temple in another part of the valley is dedicated to Pashupati (Shiva).

Changu Narayan, Nepal - Vishnu Temple (wooden strut).
Changu Narayan, Nepal - Vishnu Temple (wooden strut).            ©

Changu Narayan, Nepal - Statue of Garuda
Changu Narayan, Nepal - Statue of Garuda.                          ©

Garuda is a mythical bird and the vâhana (vehicle, mount) of Vishnu. The statue of Garuda at Changu Narayan has the head of a Licchavi King (Manadeva) and a cobra scarf. The statue probably dating from the 5th century faces the temple. It is considered to be an excellent art of Licchavi period.

Initially, the statue of Garuda was probably atop the stone pillar - the Manadeva pillar - which stands at the
Changu Nararayan Temple. In the middle of the 19th century, the pillar fell and was damaged. Then it was put up in its present position with a gilt lotus and a chakra at the top.

The Manadeva pillar at Changu Narayan is famous because the oldest dated inscription in the Kathmandu valley is inscribed on the pillar. 

Changu Narayan, Nepal, Statue of Vishnu

  Changu Narayan, Nepal, Statue of Vishnu. ©
This statue of Maha Vishnu in the temple courtyard was built in 173 B.S. Vishnu has four faces and ten hands. Goddess Laxmi is seated in the leap of Vishnu.

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Pictures from Changu Narayan, Nepal: Vishnu Temple of Changu Narayan and Statue of Garuda in front of the Changu Narayan Temple (Kathmandu valley), Nepal trave guide and travel directory.