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Bangladesh Pictures: Rivers in Bangladesh, the Riverine Country, Life on the river, and paddle steamers (known as rockets) in Bangladesh.

Riverine Scenery in Bangladesh
Riverine Scenery in Bangladesh.                                                                                                            

Bangladesh is a riverine country with about 700 rivers (including tributaries) that flow through the country. The rivers form a waterway of total length around 24.140 km. It is a generally flat country composed mainly of alluvial plains. In Bangladesh, most people are settled in the countryside and almost all the major cities and commercial centres, incl. Dhaka and Chittagong, are located on the banks of rivers and/or are port towns.

The four major river systems in Bangladesh are: 1) the Brahmaputra-Jamuna, 2) the Ganges-Padma, 3) the Surma-Meghna,
and 4) the Chittagong Region river system.

Brahmaputra is the 22nd longest (2,850 km) and the Ganges is the 30th longest (2,510 km) river in the world.


A single river may have different names at different places. In some places, such as the Sundarbans, the watercourses are so plentiful that they form a veritable maze.

The country is divided into seven administrative divisions. Divisions are subdivided into districts (zila). There are 64 districts in Bangladesh, each further subdivided into upazila (subdistricts).

Paddle steamers, known as Rockets, on the River in Bangladesh.
Paddle steamers, known as Rockets, on the River in Bangladesh.                                                             

Paddle steamers, known as Rockets,
have been plying the rivers of
Bangladesh since the days of the British Raj.

Houseboats on the River in Bangladesh

Houseboats on the River in Bangladesh - Gypsy life on the River, Bangladesh.                                           © Subarashi Tours



Rivers in Bangladesh
introductory guide to rivers in bangladesh, from the national encyclopedia of bangladesh.

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Bangladesh Pictures: the riverine Country, rivers in Bangladesh, life on the river, and paddle steamers (known as rockets) in Bangladesh, images from Bangladesh and travel guide to Bangladesh.