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Pictures: Black-backed Jackal and Wild Dog in Botswana

African Wild Dog in Botswana
African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus) in Botswana.

Wild dogs have adapted a unique approach to living with larger competitors such as hyenas, lions and leopards. The adult wild dogs can usually outrun the larger predators. A large group of wild dogs can successfully chase off a small amount of more powerful hyenas. 

Wild dogs hunt in packs and are often successful. Botswana is home to a large percentage of the world's remaining wild dog population. There are three main areas in Botswana where wild dogs are found. The most important area is situated in the north of the country including the Okavango Delta, the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Nxai Pan National Park, and the Chobe National Park.

Black-backed Jackal in Botswana
Black-backed Jackal (Canis mesomelas) in Botswana.

The Black-
backed Jackal is probably the oldest living member of the genus Canis. It is a a species of jackal which inhabits the southern Africa and some regions of East Africa.  

It is widely known as a scavenger (often scavenging left-overs from lion kills). The black-backed jackal is a much smaller predator than the Hyena. However, it is the most aggressive of the jackals and may attack animal prey many times its own weight. Black-backed Jackals are monogamous and very territorial animals.

Black-backed Jackals are persecuted for their role as livestock killers and as rabies vectors. Jackals are very vocal animals. They have a wide range of vocal sounds. When threatened by predators, they yell loudly.



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