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Tanzania > Pictures and travelogues > Kudu and Landscape in Tanzania

Pictures: Kudu and Landscape in Tanzania.

Kudu in Tanzania
Male Kudu (Tragelaphus) in Tanzania.

The kudus are two species of antelope: Lesser Kudu and Greater Kudu. Greater kudus are one of the tallest antelopes. Kudus are browsers and eat leaves and shoots from a variety of plants. When threatened, the kudu will often run away rather than fight. Unlike the greater kudu, the lesser kudu is one of fastest antelopes. 

reater and lesser kudu males have long, spiral horns which may reach lengths of up to 1.8 m.! Bulls also attain much larger sizes (up to 300 kg) than cows (200 kg on average). Kudus have been hunted for many years. The meat is very good and the horns of the male are a trophy for many hunters. Other predators generally consist of lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs

Landscape in Tanzania
Landscape in Tanzania.

The stunning landscape is one of the numerous tourist attractions of Tanzania. With 16 national parks and several other protected areas, Tanzania's geography is one of the most varied in the world since the country contains coastal plains and  islands, grasslands, and the tallest mountain in Africa (Kilimanjaro),



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