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Zambia > Pictures and travelogues > Yellow-billed storks and Grey Heron in Zambia

Pictures from birds in Zambia: Yellow-billed storks and Grey Heron in Zambia.

Yellow-billed storks in Zambia
Yellow-billed storks (Mycteria ibis) in Zambia.

The yellow-billed stork is a a medium-sized stork. This species has an extremely large range in Africa.

Yellow-billed storks have a fishing technique of stirring up the water or mud with one foot to flush out prey. They eat crustaceans, small fish, frogs, insects and worms.  These storks do not socialize much with one another and never aggregates into very large flocks, being more often observed in pairs or small flocks.

Grey Heron in Zambia
Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) in Zambia. 

The Grey heron is a large wading bird with a 155–195 cm (61–77 in) wingspan. It eats fishes, small birds, small mammals, insects, and frogs.

Although Grey Herons roost and nest in groups, they hunt alone. They nest in tall trees. The nest is a large platform, made from twigs and grass, and built by both male and female birds.

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