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Pictures: birds from the Peruvian Amazon - Hoatzin, Capped Heron, and Jabiru in Peru.

Hoatzin bird in Peru
Hoatzin bird (Opisthocomus hoazin) in the Peruvian Amazon, Manú National Park.

The Hoatzin, also known as the Canje Pheasant, is a species of tropical bird found mainly in the Amazon in South America. It only eat plants, flowers, and fruits. It is the national bird of Guyana.

Many features (claws on the wings, voice, ...) distinguish the hoatzin from other birds. Hoatzins protect themselves with their claws on the bend of each wing and adult birds may produce and offensive odor.
More important, Hoatzins have adapted over time and this ability has also helped them survive.

Capped Heron in Peru
Capped Heron (Pilherodius pileatus) in the Peruvian Amazon, Manú National Park.

The Capped Heron is a species of heron found in tropical South America. It feeds on fish, insects and frogs. Its most distinctive features are its blue bill and black cap.

Jabiru in the Peruvian Amazon
Jabiru (Jabiru mycteria) in the Peruvian Amazon. The Brazilians call this bird, ‘Tuiuiu’.

The Jabiru is a large stork found in South America and Central America. In this part of the world, it is the tallest flying bird and has also the second largest wingspan, after the Andean Condor. The nests can be several meters in diameter.

In Australia, another stork, the Asian Black-necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus), is also called Jabiru.

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