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Pictures from the ile aux Aigrettes on the southeast coast of Mauritius: Telfair's skink, ile aux Aigrettes (islet), and Pink pigeon.

Telfair's skink, Mauritius
Telfair's skink in Ile aux Aigrettes, Mauritius.

Ile aux aigrettes is a 26 ha islet located at 800 meters off the southeast coast of the main island of Mauritius, in the Mahebourg Bay. It was proclaimed nature reserve in 1965. Since 1986, it has been managed by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. The latter is a non-governmental organization that takes care of the long-term survival of the endemic species of the Mauritian wildlife. 

Free from human presence for a long period, Ile aux aigrettes has been able to maintain a remarkable collection of endemic species of the Mauritian fauna and flora. It is now open to visitors. The guided visit starts at the embarkation point in Pointe d'Esny just outside of the city of Mahebourg.

The Telfair's skink (Leiolopisma telfairii), also known as Round Island skink, is a species of skink endemic to Mauritius and some offshore islets such as Round Island. Due to habitat destruction and introduced species like rats by the Dutch colonists, the Telfair's skink survived only on Round Island in the 19th century. Round Island is an island off the northern coast of Mauritius and is now a famous nature reserve.
More recently, the Telfair's skink was reintroduced in some places, particularly on Ile aux Aigrettes. It is named after Charles Telfair (1778 - 1833), naturalist, philanthropist and co-founder of the Natural History Society of Mauritius (currently Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius).

Ile aux Aigrettes, Mauritius
Islet Ile aux Aigrettes, nature reserve off the southeast coast of Mauritius.

Pink Pigeon, Mauritius
Pink Pigeon (Nesoenas mayeri) in Ile aux Aigrettes, Mauritius.

The pink pigeon is a species of pigeons endemic to Mauritius. The species was nearly extinct in the late 1970's. Since then, it has been saved with the help of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (based in Jersey in Europe) and was reintroduced to Ile aux Aigrettes by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Currently, the IUCN lists still the pink pigeon among the endangered species. The Pink Pigeon feeds on native plants and insects.



Mauritian Wildlife Foundation
official site of the mauritian wildlife foundation, which is a non-governmental organization in charge of the management of ile aux aigrettes.
Mauritius Pink pigeon
information on the mauritius pink pigeon, from the durrell wildlife conservation trust.
Telfair's Skink
information on the telfair's skink, from the durrell wildlife conservation trust.

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