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Enjoying both Land And Sea: All About Cruise and Stay Holidays

Are you torn between taking a cruise and staying in a hotel for your upcoming Disney Florida holidays in the USA? You don’t have to decide! Why not create the ultimate holiday and do both?

You can do both with Cruise and Stay holidays, allowing you to enjoy as much of this sunny State as possible. Cruise and Stay combination holidays allow visitors to visit several destinations by cruise ship while also booking travel to other regions inland.

Combining the Beneficial Aspects of Both Land and Sea Travel

Taking a holiday on a cruise ship is a lot of fun. These massive ocean liners are like floating cities with all of the fine dining and entertainment that you could possible wish for at your fingertips. You will be able to watch the gorgeous coastline of Florida and the blue sea pass you by as you relax by the swimming pool, go shopping, or enjoy the live entertainment abroad the ship.

All of the advantages of taking a holiday on a cruise ship are there for you to enjoy, including the abundance of delicious food and the great activities planned on board for guests. Most modern cruise ships will also have fitness centres, salons, spas and massage centres, movie theatres, art galleries and much more to entertain you.

However, with Cruise and Stay holidays you will also be able to enjoy the best parts of a getaway on land as well! There are certain areas and attractions which cannot be reached via boat and it would be a shame to miss out on these.

The other part of your holiday will be spent at a resort, hotel, villa rental or apartment in beautiful Florida itself. These types of combination cruise and stay holidays are a fantastic combination of living the high life while sailing the waves and experiencing the attractions of the different regions of Florida. They are a good option for people who have never been on a cruise before, because they also combine elements of a traditional land holiday.
It is also a great solution for family or a couple who cannot decide on which type of Disney Florida holidays to book. With this combination, everyone gets what they want!

Plenty of Options Available

Cruise and Stay holidays are very flexible, allowing you to adapt them to your particular needs. For example, you could spend one week cruising and then spend the second week on shore, or vice versa. It is up to you to create holidays in Orlando 2013 which suits your needs so that you can make the most out of your time in Florida. Unlike one-size-fits-all package tours, these types of custom-made holiday travel experiences are totally unique and designed by you!

In some cases you will even have the option to combine a cruise with a pre-packaged land tour. This type of holiday is often referred to as a “cruisetour” and it will allow you to see many attractions in a short time. As soon as you disembark from your cruise you will be swept away with a knowledgeable and entertaining guide who will reveal to you the highlights of the area and take you to the best local attractions.

Sometimes the cruise line will even give you the option of re-joining your cruise at another port further on if you decide to cruise a little longer.

Why not book a cruise and stay adventure for your holidays in Orlando 2013, to make the most of your travels and see as much as possible during your visit? 
Are you planning your Holidays in Orlando in 2013? Why not consider cruising as well as staying on land to make the most of your trip and see more attractions?

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