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Pictures from Sulawesi scuba  diving in Indonesia: Nudibranch (sea slug) Risbecia tryoni, Nudibranch Chromodoris dianae, and Triggerfish.

Tryoni Nudibranch - Diving Sulawesi
Sulawesi Diving (Indonesia): Nudibranch Risbecia tryoni.                                                                                                                                © Dirk Wuyts

Sulawesi is an island in Indonesia. It is situated off the city of Manado about 300 km (187 mi) east of Borneo. It is the world's eleventh-largest island. Sulawesi has 4 national parks (including Bunaken Marine National Park) and three marine protected areas. It is a favorite destination of divers.

Nudibranchs, commonly known as sea slugs, are colourful marine gastropod mollusks. Nudibranchs feed on sponges ananemones. They are hermaphroditic. As all other gastropods, nudibranchs are slow moving bottom dwellers. These beautiful sea slugs have fantastic and varied color patterns. They are usually brilliantly coloured. Most of them do no have a external protective shell.

Nudibranchs loose their shape and colors when they are taken away from their special micro-environments.

Risbecia tryoni are often found crawling in pairs with one attached to the back of the other. They belong to the family Chromodorididae

Find here information about Bunaken marine National Park that has the most attractive diving spots of Sulawesi.  And more underwater pictures here.

Sulawesi Diving: Nudibranch Chromodoris dianae
Sulawesi Diving (Indonesia): Nudibranch Chromodoris dianae.                                                                                   © Dirk Wuyts

Chromodoris dianae is a species of sea slug (nudibranch) that is known only from the Philippines, Indonesia and Borneo. It is very similar in appearance to Chromodoris lochi.

Sulawesi Diving (Indonesia): Trigger fish
Sulawesi Diving (Indonesia): Triggerfish.                                                                                                                   © Dirk Wuyts

Triggerfishes are about 40 species of often brightly colored fishes of the family Balistidae. They have an oval shaped, highly compressed body.

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ADC scuba diving Antwerpen/Deurne
Find here many more pictures of Dirk Wuyts from his scuba diving trip to Sulawesi Manado with diving spots in Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh Strait in Indonesia.

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