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Iceland > Pictures and travelogues > Námaskard - Námafjall geothermal fields

Pictures from geothermal fields in Iceland: Námaskard - Námafjall (Hverir) geothermal fields.

Namaskard geothermal fields in Iceland
Namaskard (Námaskarð) geothermal fields in Iceland.

Námafjall - Hverir is a high-temperature geothermal area with fumaroles and mud pots. It is one of the largest sulfur fields in Iceland. It is located on the 432m high Námafjall mount, right on the Ring Road, about 6 km away from Krafla volcano (see picture) in Northern Iceland. Since they are situated just near the Namaskard pass, they are also known as Namaskard geothermal fields.

At a depth of 100 m, the temperature is above 200° C. Along with the steam comes fumarole gas, such as hydrogen sulfide which is responsible for the characteristic hot spring smell in these areas. The hot springs produce considerable sulphur deposits. In previous centuries, sulphur was mined in Iceland to produce gun powder.

Namaskard pass in Iceland
Namaskard (Námaskarð) pass in Iceland. 

Námafjall geothermal fields in Iceland
Námafjall - Hverir geothermal fields in Iceland.

Cold ground water seeps down to magma intrusions, where it is heated and transformed into steam and then comes back to surface. Among with the steam comes fumarole gas which contains sulphur hydroxide which is responsible for the hot spring smell. In hot spring areas, sulphur deposits are formed when fumarole gas mixes with air.  

Besides the sulphur deposits, a mixture of silica and gypsum forms around the fumaroles. In mud pots, fumarole gas rises through surface water, producing sulphuric acid. Rock and soil dissolve in this acid water, producing the mud which is typical of mud pots and their surroundings.

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Dirk Wuyts, the author of the pictures above
Find here the web site of Dirk Wuyts, the author of the pictures above. It contains many pictures from his trips to various countries in the world, mainly scuba diving holidays with ADC scuba Diving Antwerpen. Site in Dutch.

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