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Norway > Pictures and travelogues > Gol Stave Church and house with a green roof

Pictures from Norway: the Gol Stave Church, Cairns, and house with a green roof.

Gol Stave Church in Norway
Gol Stave Church (in Norwegian, Gol stavkirke) in Hallingdal, Norway.

The Gol Stave Church dates back to 1212. The Church was moved in 1885 and rebuilt in a large open-air museum, the current Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum) in Oslo. In Gol, a replica was erected for the tourists in the 1980s. A stave church is a medieval church that is built entirely of wood in a typical Scandinavian building style. It takes its name from the poles (staver, in Norwegian) that the construction is made out of.

All of the surviving stave churches (excepted one in Sweden) are  located in Norway.  Some of them, such as Borgund, Hopperstad or Heddal churches, are very large whereas others, such as Torpo or Underdal, are tiny. Norway's oldest wooden church is Urnes Stave Church in Luster by the Sognefjord. It is also the only stave church to feature on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Cairns in Norway
Cairns in Norway.

A cairn is a man-made pile of stones. In Scandinavia and many other countries, a cairn is often used as landmark. In mountain countries, travelers used to pick up stones on the road and add it to the next cairn that they came across. Cairns may also be been built to mark sacred outdoor sites.

House with a green roof in Norway
House with a green roof (living roof) in Norway.

A green roof (also called living roof) is a roof intentionally covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. Historically, turf roofs were common in northern Europe, but decreased in popularity as the industrial revolution progressed. 

Green roofs offer many benefits in the field of sustainability, environment and amenities. It absorbs rainwater, provides insulation, and creates a habitat for wildlife. It may help large cities adapt to the effects of climate change by reducing the need for artificial cooling.

For a green roof to flourish, it must have s
unlight, moisture, drainage, aeration to the plants root systems, and nutrients.



Stave Churches
Information page of UNESCO about the Urnes Stave Church (Norway).
Dirk Wuyts
The pictures above are from Dirk Wuyts and the Association adc diving ( his web site provides divers with travelogues, pictures and cultural information from his diving trips (site in Dutch).

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