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Open-jaw and multi-destination air tickets

In a first article, we explained exhaustively why one-way air tickets are expensive and how to get them at a cheap rate. Now we review some special cases such as open jaw and multi-destination air tickets and open-ended airfares.

Open-jaw ticket, multi-destination air ticket,
air pass, and round-the-world airfares.


In some cases, a one-way flight is actually part of a longer itinerary including several other one-way trips. Travellers need sometimes to visit several destinations.    


1. For those visiting successively different cities before coming back to home - e.g. a New Yorker who travels to Bangkok and then successively to Phnom Penh, Hanoi, and Singapore before returning back to New York -, most airlines and almost all booking sites (online travel agencies) offer multi-destination air tickets, also known as multi-stop or multi-city air tickets. 


2. For those who do not depart from the city where they first landed, airlines offer open-jaw tickets that allow travel to a city and return from another one. For instance, a New-Yorker travels to London and come back to home later from Paris because he travels from London to Paris by train. Such an open-jaw ticket is mostly available with the multi-destination ticket tool. Otherwise, it is to be bought directly from a representative of the airline. 


Both open jaw tickets and multi-destination air tickets are sometimes cheaper than cumulative one-way airfares.  However, don't  hope  they are as cheap as classic roundtrips may be. Furthermore, it is always worth checking if there are cheaper one-way air tickets available in the market. This may happen for instance if some segments of the itinerary may be served by low cost airlines or by airlines that have more favourable pricing policies.


In addition, since airfares depend heavily on the travel dates, checking prices on different dates (or using the flexible date option of the comparison tool) is always advised. This exercise works much easier with one-way flights than with a multi-destination option. Therefore checking one-way airfares before booking a multi-destination helps you find easily the cheapest travel days.


3. For travellers who are planning a round-the-world trip or a continental tour, most airlines offer special options including round-the-world airfares, Circle Pacific fare, and different air passes such as Europe air pass, Asia air pass, North America air pass, and more.  

The major airline alliances (Star Alliance, Oneworld, and Skyteam) provide you with all useful details about these special airfares. Visit their web sites.  Most major airlines are members of one of these alliances. Alliances provide a network of connectivity and convenience for international passengers. A frequent flyer earns miles whenever he flies with a member of the alliance. 

However, some segments of the round-the-world trip may sometimes be served by other airlines at a cheaper rate.


Open-ended air tickets and changeable return tickets.


Sometimes, travellers don’t know when they will go back to home. 


For these travelers, some airlines offer open-ended air tickets, i.e. return tickets with a flexible return date within a fixed period of time. Terms and conditions vary depending on the airline. An open-ended air ticket is not available online. It should be bought directly from a representative of the airline only.  


Such an open ticket is largely obsolete and usually expensive. Buying a changeable or refundable return ticket (i.e. a ticket with a fixed return date which can be changed or cancelled upon the request of the traveller with or without fee) is usually a cheaper ticketing option, even when it results in additional costs.

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