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Pictures from volcanic features in Pico Island in the Azores:  lava caves, houses built from lava rock, and coastal lava fields

Gruta das Torres, lava cave in Pico island, Azores
The Gruta das Torres, a lava cave, in Pico Island, Azores. 

The Azores archipelago consists of volcanic islands. From the beginning of the island's settlement, around the 15th century, there have been 28 registered volcanic eruptions (15 terrestrial and 13 submarine). The last significant volcanic eruption, the Capelinhos volcano, occurred in 1957 in Faial. The islands have many other examples of volcano-built geomorphology including lava caves, subterranean lava tubes, coastal lava fields, inactive cones in central São Miguel Island, and the volcanic complexes of Terceira or Plinian Caldera of Corvo Island.
The Gruta das Torres is a lava cave that is located a 10-minute drive from the center of Madalena village in the western parts of the island of Pico. It has been formed from the flow and cooling of subterranean magma rivers. It is the longest lava tube known in the Azores. The chilly (13 to 16 °C) and humid cave is 5,150 meters-long and 15 meters wide at its widest. The Gruta das Torres opened to visitors in 2005. It is now one of the major natural attractions in Pico Island. Most of the galleries of the cave are in a very good state of preservation. Opening time: Tuesday to Saturday 02.00pm to 05.30pm. Guided tour with the appropriate equipment and film projection.

House built from lava rock in Pico Island, Azores
House built with blocks of black lava in Pico Island, Azores.

In the villages of the Azores, many houses are built from lava rock. The dark color of the basalt walls contrasts with the white frames of the windows and the bright reds used to pain the wooden doors.

Coastal lava field in Pico island, Azores
Coastal lava field in Pico Island, Azores.



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Pictures from volcanic features in Pico island in the Azores: lava caves, houses built from lava rock, and coastal lava fields. Travel guide to the Azores with many nice pictures.