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Handicrafts in Myanmar: silk weaving, palm sugar candy and street snack.

Silk weaving in Mandalay, Myanmar
Silk weaving in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Silk imported from China is woven in Burma workshops. The finished products are exported to China or sold in the country. The silk is considered a noble fabric in Myanmar. It often happens that the bride and groom dress in silk for the wedding ceremony.  

Palm sugar candy from Myanmar
Palm sugar candy, workshop on the road to Mount Popa, Myanmar.

Along the road to Mount Popa, a family business produces palm sugar candy. Palm sugar is produced by tapping the sap from the flowers of male palm trees (Palmyra Palm or other Palm sugar). Female Palms produce no sap, but fruit. The sap is cooked two hours. Then drying, it becomes a paste, crystallizes, producing delicious sweets. alternatively, they may cook again the palm suger and incorporate grated coconut (see picture).

Another product is made by mixing palm sugar, water and glutinous rice. The mixture ferments one night and then it is distilled to produce alcoholic palm juice (palm toddy).

Skewers in Yangon street market
Skewers of tofu and flavoured paste in Yangon street market, Myanmar.

Near the Sule Pagoda in Downtown Yangon, the Mahabandoola road is a busy thoroughfare, on the sidewalks of which an important market is held daily. In the market, you may find nearly everything, including clothes, food, fruit, mobile phones, batteries, and various other items. Late afternoon, when downtown workers are going back home by public transport, the street is very busy. Then, snacks vendors offer varied fast food.


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