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Kep, beach resort in Cambodia: pictures from the white sand beach, hammocks and crabs of Kep.

White sand beach of Kep in Cambodia
White sand beach of Kep, beach resort in Cambodia.

Kep is a small beach resort located southeast of Cambodia just a few kilometers from the Vietnamese border. The seaside of Kep is made up of beaches with sand and mangroves. The resort was founded by the French in 1908. It flourished and became the Deauville of Cambodia. The town had its own casino. The French and Cambodian elite including King Sihanouk built wealthy villas in Kep. However, the city suffered terribly from the Khmer Rouge who devastated the villas and destroyed the acts of property. The Vietnamese troops also looted the city when they left the country in 1989.

For some years, Kep has enjoyed a revival. It welcomes again the Cambodian and the foreign expatriates seeking relaxation especially on weekends. The beaches of Kep are oriented towards the west so that they provide visitors with magnificent sunsets. The most famous specialty of the resort is the crab caught on the spot. The region of Kep is also known for its production of fruits and sea salt.

On the coast, a white statue of a woman was erected in honor of the wife, who continually waits for the return of the sailor. Another monument on the beach represents a giant crab.

 Hammock near the beach at Kep in Cambodia
A Cambodian woman resting at night in a hammock in front of the beach in Kep in Cambodia.

Near the main sand beach of Kep, there are some hammocks

Several islands are located at short distance from Kep. Among them, there are particularly the so-called Ile des Ambassadeurs, where the King received foreign dignitaries, Koh Thonsay (better known as "Rabbit Island") which offers nice opportunities for swimming and a 6 km hiking trail, Mango Island, and Koh Poh. The Rabbit Island, the most popular of those islands, is situated about 5 km (about 30 minutes by boat) south of Kep.

Near the Vietnamese border, southeast of Kep, a long white sand beach lined with coconut trees, named Angkul Beach, is a popular spot too.

In the hinterland of the city, the Kep national park is open to visitors. Established in 1993, the park covers 50 km². It offers visitors beautiful hiking trails and, at its summits, magnificent views on the Elephant Mountains (also known as Damrei Mountains) in Cambodia and on the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc.

Kep is located only 20 km away from Kampot and 160 km from Phnom Penh.

Crabs of Kep in Cambodia
Crab fishing in Kep, Cambodia. Crabs have made the culinary reputation of Kep.


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Kep, beach resort in Cambodia: pictures from the white sand beach, hammocks and crabs of Kep. Cambodia travel guide with 200 nice pictures.