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Kiev in Ukraine: pictures from the Statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, St. Michael's Church, and St. Andrew's Church.

Kiev in Ukraine: the Statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky
Kiev in Ukraine: the Statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

The Statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky is located in between two picturesque Cathedrals, St. Sophias and St. Michaels. Erected in honor of the controversial Cossack hero Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the statue features Bohdan on a war horse rearing up. Bohdan is considered a hero in Russian history for helping reunite all of the Russia's. He is considered responsible for the decline of the Polish Commonwealth in the 17th century.

Kiev in Ukraine: St. Michael's Church
Kiev in Ukraine: St. Michael's Church.

Two blocks away from the St. Sophias, is St. Michael's church, an equally impressive church that may have once surpassed the beauty of St. Sophias, if it hadn't been destroyed and rebuilt so often. Originally founded in 1108, the church was dedicated to Archangel Michael. A century after it was built, the Mongols pillaged the golden domes and destroyed most of the church. Two and a half centuries later the church had been rebuilt and remained one of the wealthiest churches in Ukraine until the 1930's.

The Soviet Union decided the building was build in Ukrainian Baroque style and had no architectural value, so it was destroyed. Over 260 ancient artifacts that were removed from the church before its demolition were returned upon the restoration in 1998.

Kiev in Ukraine: St. Andrew's Church
Kiev in Ukraine: St. Andrew's Church.                                                   All pictures above ©

St. Andrew's Church lies just over the hill from the Maidan area and just down the hill from the major Cathedrals: St. Sophias and St. Michaels. It is of the same Baroque architectural design that St. Sophias and St. Michael have. Instead of golden domes, it is topped with deep green domes. Not as expansive as the other two, the narrow profile of this church makes it appear larger than it really is.

Its position on the hill gives it the impression of towering over the valley below. Originally built in the 1700's in honor of Saint Andrew, it was built by Russian Empress Elizabeth as a private church to accompany her summer residence. Currently this beautiful landmark is in danger of collapsing because of unsteady soil under the foundation.



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Kiev in Ukraine: pictures from the Statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, St. Michael's Church, and St. Andrew's Church. Selected pictures from Kiev and Chernobyl.