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Kiev in Ukraine: pictures from Khreshchatyk Street, Independence Monument, and Gateway with the statue of St. Michael.

Kiev in Ukraine: Khreshchatyk Street
Kiev in Ukraine: Khreshchatyk Street.

Khreshchatyk Street is a well- known street and tourist attraction in heart of Old Kiev. On weekend nights, Kreshatyk street is closed to auto traffic and becomes a social gathering center with street musicians and artists performing at every turn. Large arches lead to side streets. One arch leads to some of the most expensive fashion shopping in the city. On weekend nights, large crowds gather in front these arches to listen to small bands perform covers of popular songs.

Kiev in Ukraine: The Independence Monument
Kiev in Ukraine: The Independence Monument.

Khreshchatyk Street ends at this Independence Pillar which is on the south end of Independence Square. During the summer and at nights, the square surrounding the pillar comes alive. Concerts are often held here as young children and tourists flock to this area for entertainment. Another symbol of the February Revolution, this is one statue that has become famous.

Below the pillar, under the ground, is a large shopping center and nightclub. You can look through the glass and see the bar and people dancing. Not only is this pillar a symbol of Ukraine's February struggles and Independence, it is a testament to the vibrant nightlife you can find in Kiev.

Kiev in Ukraine: Lach Gates with the statue of St. Michael
Kiev in Ukraine: The gateway (Lach Gates) with the statue of St. Michael.               All pictures above ©

On the north end of Independence Square is a large gateway with a statue of archangel St.Michael atop it. The gateway faces the Indeêndence Pillar at the other end of the square. Behind the statue of St. Michael is a semi- circle of buildings. The statue is brown and gold and portrays St. Michael with wings outstretched and a sword in one hand and shield in the other.



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Kiev in Ukraine: pictures from Khreshchatyk Street, Independence Monument, and Gateway with the statue of St. Michael. Selected pictures from Kiev and Chernobyl.