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Chernobyl in Ukraine: pictures from  the Bumper Cars Park and the Kindergarten. 

Chernobyl in Ukraine: The Bumper Cars
Chernobyl in Ukraine: The Bumper Cars.

The accident happened a week before this small amusement park was to open. The area brings a certain sadness. It was built for children to bring happiness, but is a grim reminder of what was lost. The amusement park is one of the most photographed areas of Chernobyl. Today the bumper cars and ferris wheel make several top lists on the internet.

Chernobyl in Ukraine: the Kindergarten
Chernobyl in Ukraine: the Kindergarten.

One of the first places you can visit when you get to Chernobyl is the Old Kindergarten. Its easily recognizable from the road because of the WWII memorial statue that is in front of it. During the spring, the kindergarten isn't visible from the road due to the vegetation. Inside the school, one can see slippers, shoes and schoolwork left in lockers and on the school room floor. Residents had two hours to get their belongings and children.

Chernobyl in Ukraine: inside the Kindergarten
Chernobyl in Ukraine: inside the Kindergarten.                                                                         All pictures above ©

A hallway in the Kindergarten is still littered with toys and homework. This was a very common scene in the Chernobly exclusion zone. Most buildings show signs of hasty departure with valuable possessions in place where they were 30 years ago.


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Chernobyl in Ukraine: pictures from the Bumper Cars Park and the Kindergarten. Selected pictures from Kiev and Chernobyl.