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 Chernobyl in Ukraine: pictures from geiger countersradioactive sign, and gas masks.

Chernobyl in Ukraine: Geiger counters
Chernobyl in Ukraine: Geiger counters.

A geiger counter is placed on the ground outside of the Kindergarten. Hot spots are still common in the exclusion zone. In this particular place the Geigers are registering 15.33 which is a lethal dose for a long term exposure. Other areas less than 5 feet away have less radiation than downtown Kiev. Most tours will rent you Geiger counters so you can check the radiation levels while you are in the exclusion zone.

Chernobyl in Ukraine: Radioactive sign
Chernobyl in Ukraine: radioactive sign.

Just outside the kindergarten are the radioactive signs warning visitors of potential radiation exposure. Even though most of the exclusion zone is safer than most major cities, the signs are a grim reminder of how bad things were over 30 years ago. The signs are as common as regular street signs.

Chernobyl in Ukraine: Gas Masks
Chernobyl in Ukraine: gas masks.                                                                                            All pictures above ©

One of the most hauntingly beautiful pictures that continually comes out of the exclusion zone are the gas masks. During the Cold War, every school and school age child was proficient in the use of gas masks in the event of an attack from America. When the reactor exploded and people were evacuated, gas masks weren't used even as a safety precaution. The picture is misleading, the gas masks were not left like this but years later were removed from their places and left on the floor.


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Chernobyl in Ukraine: pictures from geiger counters, radioactive sign, and gas masks. Selected pictures from Kiev and Chernobyl.