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Travel News 2016.

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End of December 2016: India - Free SIM card.

In India, foreign visitors who have obtained electronically their visa may get a free pre-loaded SIM card valid during their stay in India. Read more.

End of December 2016: Azerbaijan - Launch of an E-Visa system.

As from January 10, 2017, Azerbaijan will launch a system of electronic visa (E-Visa). Read more.

December 20, 2016: Germany - Terrorist attack in Berlin.

On December 20, a truck was driven into the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. Read more.

December 16, 2016:
United States
 - Virgin America.

Air Alaska has just bought Virgin America, the main hub of which is San Francisco. Read more.

December 2016: Canada - National parks.

Admission to all national parks, national marine conservation areas, and national historic sites in Canada will be free in 2017. Read more.

December 15, 2016: France
- Opening of Lascaux 4.

After several years of preparation, the International Center for Cave Art, better known as Lascaux 4, opened its doors to the public in mid-December 2016. Read more.

December 2016: Europe - Thalys.

As from December 13, Thalys offers discount rates for "mini-groups", i.e. groups of 3 to 5 adults. Read more.

December 2016: Germany - Motorway tolls.

With the agreement of the European Commission, Germany is planning to establish an annual motorway tax by the end of 2017. Read more.

December 11, 2016:
 - Visa.

Vietnam plans to introduce an e-visa system as from February 2017. Then, foreigners will be able to get online a visa valid for a single entry and a maximum of 30 days. Read more.

December 11, 2016: Switzerland - New Gotthard tunnel.

The new Gotthard base tunnel entered service on December 11, 2016. It is a railway tunnel that is built through the base of Gotthard massif in Switzerland. Read more.

December 1, 2016: Madagascar - Airport tax.

A new tax on flights from an airport in Madagascar is to be levied since December 1, 2016. Read more.

November 2016: Europe - Travel authorization project ETIAS

The European Commission plans to implement a system of travel authorization ETIAS for foreign travelers who are exempt from visa requirements when they intend to enter the Schengen area. Read more.

November 14, 2016: New Zealand - Earthquake.

In the South Island of New Zealand, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 occurred on September 14 at about 90 km north of Christchurch. Read more.

November 2016: India: Demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee banknotes.

As from November 9, the 500 and 1,000 rupee banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi series, which accounts for 86% of the fiduciary circulation in India, lost their legal tender status. Read more.

3 November 2016: Egypt - Devaluation of the Egyptian pound.

The Central Bank of Egypt decided to float its currency, which had been pegged at 8.8 Egyptian pounds for one US dollar since mid-March 2016. Read more.

October 2016: La Reunion - Low cost flights from Paris.

French Blue, the new French airline offering low cost long-haul flights, will operate regular flights between Paris and Saint-Denis (Reunion) at competitive prices as from June 16, 2017. Read more.

End of September / beginning of October 2016: Africa - Ivory trade.

The conference on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) rejected the applications of Namibia and Zimbabwe aiming to allow them to sell their ivory stocks. Read more.

September 21, 2016: European Union - Roaming charges of mobile phones.

Roaming charges of mobile phones will be completely abolished as from June 2017. Read more.

September 2016: Canada - further postponement of the electronic travel authorization (eTA).

For a second time, Canada postpones the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) scheme. Read more.

September 19, 2016: Costa Rica - Eruption of the Turriabla volcano.

In Costa Rica, the Turriabla volcano erupted on Monday. Read more.

September 2016: Italy - Temporary closure of the airport of Rome Ciampino.

Since the runways are to be renovated, the Ciampino airport of Rome will be closed from 14 to 29 October 2016. Read more.

September 11, 2016: Réunion - Eruption of the Piton de la Fournaise.

On Sunday September 11, the Piton de la Fournaise came into eruption for the second time this year. Read more.

End of August 2016: Turkey - Additional bridge over the Bosphorus Strait.

A third bridge, the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, between the Asian and European parts of Istanbul was inaugurated on August 26, 2016. Read more.

August 30, 2016: India - Clothes of foreign women in India.

Mahesh Sharma, the Indian Minister of tourism, advised women visiting India not to wear skirts or other too light clothing. Read more.

August 24, 2016: Colombia - Final agreement between the authorities and FARC rebels.

After several years of negotiations in Cuba, the Colombian Government and the FARC rebels reached a deal to end definitively the 50-year-old guerrilla war. Read more.

August 24, 2016: Myanmar and Italy - Earthquakes.

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in the central region of Myanmar. It was felt up to Bangladesh. It killed at least 4 and damaged about 200 ancient pagodas mainly in Bagan region. Read more.

August 11, 2016: Thailand - Terrorist attacks in Hua Hin.

Several bombings killed 4 and injured 23 mainly in Hua Hin, a beach resort. Read more.

August 2016: Cambodia - Higher admission fee to Angkor Wat.

As from February 1, 2017, entrance fees to Angkor Wat temple, a world heritage site of UNESCO in Cambodia, will rise sharply. Read more.

August 9, 2016: Madeira - Devastating fires.

Wildfires threatening Funchal, the capital of the island, caused 3 deaths and the evacuation of 1,000 people. Read more.

August 2016: Norway
 - New duty-free shops on arrival at Oslo airport.

As from September 2016, the area of the duty-free shops on arrival at Oslo airport will be enlarged gradually to be finally doubled. Read more.

August 4, 2016: United Kingdom
 - The highest observation tower in the world at Brighton.

i360 British Airways, a moving observation tower, opens the doors this Thursday on the seafront of Brighton. Read more.

July 2016: Uganda
 - Change of visa fees.

As from July 22, 2016, Uganda has halved the fee of the entry visa from $ 100 to $ 50. Read more.

July 2016: United Kingdom
 - London Night Tube.

Announced already in 2015, the Night Tube will finally enter into service in London on August 19, 2016. Read more.

July 2016: United Kingdom
 - Gatwick airport security area.

The security area of the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport has been modernized in order to halve the duration of the security controls. Read more.

July 2016: Europe
 - Flixbus buys the European network of Megabus.

Germany’s long-distance bus transport company Flixbus has bought all the activities of its competitor Megabus in continental Europe. Read more.

July 15, 2016: Turkey
 – Failed putsch.

After the failed putsch in Turkey, thousands of judges, police officers and soldiers have been arrested. Read more.

July 14, 2016: France
 – Attack in Nice

On July 14, a truck drove into the crowd gathered to watch France's national holiday fireworks on the "Promenade des Anglais" in Nice. Read more.

July 2016: Cambodia - Decent clothing required.

As from August 1, 2016, people who are not properly dressed may no longer visit the temples and religious monuments of Cambodia. Read more.

Early July 2016: Spain - Cancellation of Vueling flights.

Early July 2016, Vueling, the Spanish low cost airline, repeatedly at the last minute cancelled several scheduled flights. Read more.

Early July 2016: Sri Lanka - End of air routes to Europe.

Sri Lanka Airlines announces it will stop shortly the nonstop flights between Bandaranaike International Airport of Colombo and the airports of Paris (early November) and Frankfurt (late October). Read more.

July 3, 2016: Italy - Restoration of the Colosseum.

The restoration of the facade and the arches of the Colosseum in Rome has been completed. Read more.

July 2, 2016: Turkey - Terrorist attack at the Istanbul Airport.

A terrorist attack, attributed to DAECH, took place on Saturday, July 2 at Istanbul's Ataturk international airport. It killed 45 (including 19 foreigners) and injured more than 200. Read more.

July 1, 2016: Bangladesh
 - Terrorist attack in Dhaka.

On the night of Friday, July 1, 2016, an attack claimed by DAECH killed 20, mainly Italians and Japanese, in a café-restaurant located in the diplomatic district of Dhaka. Read more.

26 June 2016: Panama
 - Inauguration of the new canal.

After 9 year works, the Panama Canal has been enlarged and deepened. A third lane and new locks have been added. Read more.

June 2016:
 - Launch of the E-Visa.

As from July 2016, an E-Visa system will be available for visitors to Uganda. Read more.

June 16, 2016: United Kingdom - New wing of Tate Modern London.

A new wing, the Switch House, has been added to the famous Tate Modern Museum of London. Read more.

June 16, 2016: China - Opening of the Shanghai Disneyland Park.

Located in Pudong district, Shanghai Disneyland theme park opens its doors on June 16. Read more.

Early June 2016: Turkey - Terrorist attacks.

On June 7, an attack killed 11 (mainly policemen) and injured 36 in the historical center of Istanbul. Read more.

June 6, 2016: Brazil - Tramway in Rio de Janeiro.

About two months before the opening of the Olympic Games, the first line of a new light tramway network (VLT) has been inaugurated in Rio de Janeiro. Read more.

May 2016:
Cambodia- Angkor Wat.

The ticket office of the site of Angkor, which was located at the main entrance, has been moved to the new Angkor Panorama Museum. Read more.

May 19, 2016: Luxembourg - Ryanair.

From September 1, 2016, Ryanair will operate flights between Luxembourg and the airports of London (Stansted) and Porto. Read more.

May 18, 2016: Egypt - Crash of EgyptAir flight MS804.

On Wednesday night, the flight EgyptAir MS804 en route from Paris to Cairo crashed in the Mediterranean. Read more.

May 2016: Sri Lanka - Torrential rains.

During ten days, heavy rains, the worst ones in 25 years, caused floods and landslides in the country. Read more.

May 17, 2016: United Kingdom - World’s largest self-service bag drop zone at London Gatwick Airport.

Today, the largest self-service bag drop zone in the world comes into service at the North Terminal of London Gatwick Airport. Read more.

May 16, 2016: Thailand - Koh Tachai closed to tourists.

Victim of its own success, Koh Tachai has been closed to tourists and divers. Read more.

May 13, 2016: Ecuador - New earthquakes.

Two earthquakes of magnitude 6.8 and 7.2 respectively occurred on the Pacific coast of Ecuador in the same area as the terrible earthquake of last April. Read more.

May 7, 2016: Malta
 - New tourist tax.

As from June 1, 2016, tourists aged 18 or over will pay an eco-tax of € 0.50 a night, with a cap of € 5 per person when they visit Malta. Read more.

May 1, 2016: South America
 - LATAM Airlines.

Already completed legally since 2012, the merger of the Chilean airline LAN and the Brazilian airline TAM becomes effective commercially as from May 2016. Read more.

April 28, 2016: Germany - Restrictions to short term rentals.

From May 1, 2016, residents in Berlin won't be allowed to rent out a room or a house for short stays, for example through the Airbnb website, without a permit from the municipality. Read more.

April 27, 2016: European Union - Lower roaming charges of mobile phones.

The European Commission caps the additional fees that may be charged when you use your mobile phone in other EU countries to make calls. Read more.

April 26, 2016: Cape Verde - Shootout on the island of Santiago.

A shootout occurred on April 26 at a military barrack protecting a hilltop telecommunications outpost on the island of Santiago in Cape Verde. Read more.

April 19, 2016: Balearic Islands (Spain) - A new tourist tax.

As from July 1, 2016, the Balearic Islands will apply a tourist tax to any visitor who is over 15 years. Read more.

April 16, 2016: Ecuador - Deadly earthquake.

An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit the northwest coast of Ecuador on Saturday. Read more.

April 14 and 15, 2016: Japan - Terrible deadly earthquakes.

Two earthquakes, one a magnitude of 6.5 and the other 7.3, took place in mid-April 2016 in the region of Kumamoto in the southwest of the Japan. Read more.

April 14, 2016: European Union - The Parliament adopted the directive on personal data of air passengers.

The directive on PNR ("Passenger Name Record"), the file of personal data of air passengers, has been adopted today by the European Parliament. Read more.

April 13, 2016:
Senegal - Senegal Airlines ceased operations.

Senegal Airlines lost its operating license and therefore ceased its activities. Read more.

April 12, 2016: Ireland- News from Ryanair.

The no frills airline Ryanair seeks increasingly to attract customers from other companies. Read more.

April 12, 2016: France - Youth card from Hop Air France.

Hop!, the subsidiary of Air France for short and medium flights, launches a youth card. Read more

Early April: Brussels-National Airport reopens its doors. Read more.


Early April 2016: United Arab Emirates - Dubai Airport tax.

As from July 1, 2016, any passenger departing from or transiting through an airport in Dubai will have to pay a tax of 35 dirhams. Read more.

March 26, 2016: Japan - Launch of Hokkaido Shinkansen, the high-speed train between Tokyo and Hokkaido.

The high-speed Hokkaido Shinkansen train connects Tokyo to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station in the island of Hokkaido in only 4 h 02 as from March 26. Read more

March 22, 2016: Belgium - Deadly terror attacks in Brussels.

This morning, two bombings claimed by Daesh have been perpetrated in Brussels. Read more.

March 21, 2016: Germany – High-speed trains from and to Paris.

The French high-speed train Thalys, which already links Paris to the German cities of Aachen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Essen via Brussels and Liège, serves also the city of Dortmund. Read more

Mid-March 2016 - The best European airlines.

According to a ranking which has been prepared by the tour operator eDreams, the Luxemburg airline Luxair is the best European airline. Read more.

Mid-March 2016: World - The best airports in 2016.

According to the annual ranking of SkyTrax, Singapore Changi Airport is the best airport in the world for the fourth year in a row. Read more.

Mid-March 2016: Turkey - Deadly attacks.

On Sunday March 13, an attack killed 40 people and injured 125 people in the center of Ankara. Read more.  

March 13, 2016: Côte d'Ivoire – Deadly terror attack.

An attack claimed by AQIM killed 20 people on the beach in Grand-Bassam. Read more.

Early March 2016: Indonesia - Removal of the visa requirement for short tourist stays.

Indonesia abolished the visa requirement for nationals of 79 additional countries. Read more.

March 2016: Canada - Postponement of the electronic travel authorization (ETA).

The electronic travel authorization system that was set to take effect on March 15 has been postponed to September 15. Read more.

March 2016: Cuba - Flights between Cuba and the United States.

The agreements between Cuba and the United States provide that 110 daily flights will be permitted. Read more.

March 7, 2016: Tunisia - New terrorist attack.

A group of 50 terrorists affiliated to the Islamic State attacked barracks of the Tunisian armyand police in Ben Gardane. Read more.

3 March 2016: United States - New train station of the World Trade Center. Read more.

The new train station of the World Trade Center in New York has been opened to the public.

March 1, 2016: France/Belgium - L
ow cost high-speed trains between Paris and Brussels.

Thalys has just announced that low cost high-speed trains will run daily between Paris and Brussels under the name of Izy as from April 3, 2016Read more.

February 2016: Madagascar - Visa fees.

The fees of the short-term visa (not more than 3 months) have been fixed as follows: 31 euros for a stay up to 30 days.  Read more.

February 21, 2016:
- Deadly Cyclone of category 5.

Cyclone Winston which is the most powerful tropical tempest ever documented in the southern hemisphere hit terribly Fiji Islands. Read more.

February 17, 2016: Reunion Island - Rise of the prices of flights to Paris.

Three airlines (Air France, Air Austral and Corsair) offering flights between Reunion Island and Paris have increased airfares by € 20 (in low season) to € 30 (in high season). Read more.

February 15, 2016: United Kingdom - Promotional campaign by the Tourist Office.

The British tourist board VisitBritain office launches a promotional campaign to highlight the diversity of unique experiences tourists can enjoy when visiting attractions across the United Kingdom. Read more.

February 11, 2016: United States - Partnership between American Airlines and Uber.

American Airlines and ride-hailing service Uber have formed a partnership that enables customers of American Airlines to book easily and at promotional conditions transfers to and from the airport. Read more.

8 February 2016: India - Toll free helpline.

The Ministry of tourism in India provides tourists with a toll free multilingual helpline which permanently 24X7 is accessible: 1800111363 or the short code 1363. National and foreign tourists may use it free of charge in case of need when they are in India.

February 6, 2016:
 - Deadly earthquake.

On Saturday February 6, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on the Richter scale killed at least 94 in the south of the island of Taiwan. Read more.

February 1, 2016: Brazil and other countries - Zika virus alert.

Several countries in the world are currently affected by the Zika virus. Since 2015, Zika has been found in populations of many countries where it was unknown previously: especially in Latin America (among others, in Brazil where 1.5 million have already been infected by the virus and in Colombia where three fatal cases have just been identified), in the Caribbean and in Thailand. See here the list of the countries which have been infected with Zika virus. Read more.

January 23, 2016: United States - Standstill of the East Coast.

On January 23, 2016, a massive blizzard brought much of the U.S. East Coast, including Washington D.C. and New York, to a temporary standstill. Read more.

January 5, 2016: World - The safest airlines.

For the third year in a row, the Australian airline Qantas has been ranked the safest airline in the world by Read more.

January 1, 2016: Mongolia- Visa requirements.

Nationals from 42 countries who have been exempted from visa for a stay in Mongolia shorter than 30 days since July 2014 are required to apply for a visa to Mongolia as from January 1, 2016. Read more.

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