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Waterloo (Belgium): Historic farmhouses of the Battle of Waterloo de 1815.

Waterloo: La Belle Alliance farmhouse
Waterloo (Belgium): La Belle Alliance farmhouse.

The Belle Alliance farmhouse was located on the side of the French at the battle of Waterloo in 1815. At the time of the battle, it was actually an inn. It did not play any role in the battle. However, its name has become associated with the battle which is often called battle of the Belle Alliance in Germany.

It was erroneously reported that Wellington met Blücher at the Belle Alliance at the end of the battle. In fact, the meeting took place somewhere else, probably 2-3 km further to the South.

The Belle Alliance Inn is also famous because it served as the venue for most visitors (including several monarchs such as Tsar Alexander I and King George IV) to the battlefield until the Lion's Mound was erected.

The Belle Alliance doesn't mean the coalition of the troops of Wellington and those of Blücher. The inn was formerly a farmhouse that was named Belle Alliance simply because the widow who owned the farm married the farmhand.

Waterloo: La Haye Sainte farmhouse
Waterloo (Belgium): La Haye Sainte farmhouse.

The farmhouse of La Haye Sainte, like the farmhouses at Hougoumont and Papelotte, was occupied by the troops of the Duke of Wellington before the start of the battle of June 18, 1815. La Haye Sainte was located in a strategic position at the center of the allied troops. Hougoumont was situated on the western side and Papelotte on the eastern side.

The British and the Hanoverians who were garrisoned at La Haye Sainte withstood heroically the attacks of the French during the most part of the day.

Waterloo: la Ferme du Caillou (last headquarters of Napoleon)
Waterloo (Belgium): la Ferme du caillou (last headquarters of Napoleon).

The Ferme du caillou is located in Vieux-Genappe, about 4 km south of Waterloo. It was the last headquarters of Napoleon who spent the night before the battle of Waterloo in this farmhouse. Subsequently, the farmhouse was converted into a coffee shop and subsequently into a small museum dedicated to the emperor.

In the garden adjacent to the building, you find a statue of Napoleon and an ossuary containing bones found in the battlefield.

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In addition to Hougoumont, La Belle Alliance, La Haye Sainte and the farmhouse of the "Caillou" are major places of the battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium.