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Pictures from endemic birds to Cuba: Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Tody, and Fernandina's flicker.

Bee Hummingbird in Cuba
Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) in Cuba.

With a mass around 1.6–2 g (0.056–0.071 oz), the bee hummingbird, also known as Zunzuncito, is the smallest living bird in the world. It is endemic to Cuba and nearby islands. The dark color of the male can change completely by iridescence due to multiple layers of tiny air bubbles in its feather.

The bee hummingbird eats up to half its body mass in food each day. Beating its wings 80 times per second in a figure-of-eight pattern, it can hover and move with great agility. Due to habitat loss, the species is now classified as near threatened.

Cuban Tody
Cuban Tody (Todus multicolor) in Cuba.

The Cuban tody is the most brightly colored member of the genus Todus. It is found in Cuba and nearby islands. Although the population appears to be decreasing, the species has been classified as least concern by IUCN since it does not approach the thresholds for Vulnerable.

Fernandina's Flicker in Cuba
Fernandina's Flicker (Colaptes fernandinae) in Cuba.

Fernandina's flicker, also known as Cuban flicker, is a medium-sized (35 cm -15 inches in length) bird of the woodpecker family. It is endemic to Cuba. The total population is estimated at just 600 to 800 birds and is decreasing. The species is classified as vulnerable by IUCN.



Wildlife Photographer
Find here more pictures of the wildlife photographer, Marie-France Grenouillet,from her trip to Cuba: bee hummingbirds, Cuban tody, other endemic birds, other birds, butterflies, and Cuban transportation.

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Cuba > Pictures and travelogues > Endangered birds in Cuba
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Pictures from endemic birds to Cuba: Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Tody, and Fernandina's flicker.