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Pictures from endangered birds in Cuba: the Blue headed Quail Dove, the Zapata Sparrow, and the Giant Kingbird.  

Blue headed Quail Dove in Cuba
Blue headed Quail Dove (Starnoenas cyanocephala) in Cuba.

Blue crown, black eye-stripe and white facial stripe are some of the distinctive features of the Blue headed Quail Dove which is an endemic bird to Cuba. Its natural habitats are swamps and moist forests. It is threatened by habitat loss. The species is classified as endangered by IUCN. The population is estimated to number 1,000-2,499 individuals only.

Zapata Sparrow in Cuba
Zapata Sparrow (Torreornis inexpectata) in Cuba.

The Zapata Sparrow, also known as Cuban Sparrow, is a medium-sized bird with 17 cm (6.7 in) in length. It is endemic to Cuba. It was first discovered in the grasslands of the Zapata Swamp. It actually lives in only three distinct areas of Cuba (Zapata Swamp, Cayo Coco Archipelago, and Guantánamo). The population is now estimated to number 1,000-2,499 individuals. The species has been classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List.

Giant Kingbird in Cuba
Giant Kingbird (Tyrannus cubensis) in Cuba.

The Giant Kingbird, also known as Cuban flycatcher, is a bird in the tyrant flycatcher family. It is 23-26 cm (9-10 in) long. Despite their name, this species is not the largest kingbird, since the thick-billed kingbird is a bit bigger. The Giant Kingbird is endemic to Cuba. Probably due to habitat loss, the species has declined rapidly. It has been classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List.

Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) in Cuba.

The northern mockingbird is the only mockingbird commonly found in North America.

Northern Parula (Setophaga americana) in Cuba.



Wildlife Photographer
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Cuba > Pictures and travelogues > Birds from Cuba
Cuba > Pictures and travelogues > Endemic birds to Cuba

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Pictures from endangered birds in Cuba: the Blue headed Quail Dove, the Zapata Sparrow, and the Giant Kingbird.