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Cuba > Pictures and travelogues > Vintage cars in Cuba

Pictures from traditional transports in Cuba: vintage car, horse riding, and classic American car.

Vintage car in Cuba
Vintage car in Cuba.

Before 1960, most cars used in Cuba were imported from the USA. Since Cuba has been under American embargo since 1960, it has been unable to buy new cars from the USA. During the Soviet era, Cuba bought Ladas and other Russian cars. However, Russian cars did not last as long as American cars. Since 2009, Cuba has imported Chinese cars to serve as police cars, taxis and rental vehicles. In Cuba, the import of new cars is the monopoly of the State.

About 60,000 American cars from the 1940s and 1950s remain in use in Cuba. They still form a large part of the means of transport in Cuba. Most of them remain the property of their original owners and descendants. Brakes and various other parts of these American cars have been changed or replaced by pieces often scavenged from Soviet cars. They are rather inefficient on the road so that they are not extensively used.

These vintage American cars are a symbol of the spirit of survival of Cuba under American embargo.

Horse riding in Cuba
Horse riding in Cuba.

Betting and horse racing has been banned in Cuba since Fidel Castro took over in 1959. Horse remains a mean of transport in the Cuban countryside. Horseback riding is also a fantastic way of exploring Cuba. Guided horseback rides are available throughout various parts of the country.

Classic American car in Cuba
Classic American car in Cuba. 

Vintage car facing a modern cruiser in Cuba.



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Pictures from traditional transports in Cuba: vintage car, horse riding, and classic American car.