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5 Tricks you should use booking cheap hotels

Knew it or not, but sometimes even the most expensive hotel rooms can be booked a lot cheaper if you know a few basic tricks. Even if you are counting every cent you spend on your trip you will still be able to enjoy a lovely and cozy room for a smaller price.  

Intrigued? I bet so! Today I am going to share some of my favorite tricks that you should definitely try out as well. Who knows, maybe using these you will get a chance to get a stay even at the most expensive hotel room ever! So – give them a try! 

Check special websites 

The first thing you should do if you want to get a cheaper hotel room is to surf the web and look for specialized sites that will find you the most competitive alternative price ever. In such websites you need to fill in a few black spaces and hit enter – after a few seconds, you will be presented with all the possible hotel rooms in the destination you are planning to visit. 

For the start, look for cheap hotels at smaller and not the most popular websites. This way you can find the cheapest room instantly even at the most luxurious hotels and, in some cases, even get an offer which can be found in bigger hotel booking websites.  

Call hotel directly 

Sometimes it pays off to be a brave and know what you want. Especially if you wish to get a cheaper hotel room no matter what. So, in this case, you can try to contact hotel without using those websites mentioned above. 

Life talks are probably the most efficient ways to get a discount because you can speak and communicate with a human being instead of a computer program. Moreover, if you can directly, the hotel will often be more willing to share information about rates that can't be found on their web or other websites. If not, they at least can give you some info about what is included in a hotel room price. So it always pays off to talk with a person, instead of booking a hotel room via the third country. 

Switch to incognito mode 

This trick is pretty universal no matter what you are looking to buy online. And this also will work pretty well if you are looking to purchase a plane ticket as well. Basically, by switching to incognito mode while looking for a hotel room, you will avoid so-called “cookies” that actually collect all the information about you and your search history. 

That information, to be fair, lets marketers and retailers do the trick called “dynamic pricing,” which basically means that you will be shown only those prices retailers think you are interested. And that is not okay! Better use incognito mode while looking for a hotel room and after you find it – close your browser. Then again, open incognito mode and book your room. This way you surely get a better price selection and always get what you really wanted. 

Offer a review 

Yes! You might get a cheaper hotel room if you gently offer the hotel the positive review you are going to write about it. Playing a journalist, or a blogger can be one of the best tricks ever since all businesses love good advertising. And so, they will do everything they can do make your stay there exquisite. If hotel agrees with this, that might increase chances of you getting all pampered not only with smaller room fee but sometimes it can lead to an upgrade or free breakfast! 

Book in advance 

And for the last tip, you should always try to book your hotel room a bit far in advance. Hotel owners don't like having empty rooms, so the quicker they can deal with them and fill them, the bigger are the chances that you can get a great discount on a room. In fact, some hotels are willing to give discount rooms anyplace from 15 to 20 percent off the price if you book it about 14 days before you come to a hotel. So if you are not afraid of a little bit planning ahead, definitely book your hotel room the sooner, the possible and get a chance to save instantly!

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Even the most expensive hotel rooms can often be booked a lot cheaper if you know a few basic tricks. Find here five tricks you should always use booking cheap hotels.