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Picture of the week (No.8): 
the flower carpet of the Grand Place is one of the tourist attractions in Brussels.         Share

Each week (actually about 3 times a month), Willgoto selects a nice picture and shows it here. The flower carpet of the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium, is the topic of the eighth picture in this series. Every two years, this carpet made up of about a million cut flowers attracts tourists in large amounts in one of the most beautiful squares in the world.

Flower carpet of the Grand Place in BrusselsFlower carpet of the Grand Place in Brussels
Flower carpet of the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium, mid-August 2016.

The country. Brussels is the capital of Belgium. It is also home to European Institutions (more precisely the European Council and the European Commission) and the headquarters of NATO. Brussels is located at the crossroads between France, Germany, and the Netherlands. The city is easily accessible from major cities such as London, Paris, Frankfurt and Rotterdam.

The Grand Place of Brussels is the central square of the city. It is situated in downtown. It is bordered by several historic buildings including the city hall which dates from the 15th century. Generally considered one of the most beautiful Grand Places of the world, it is part of the world heritage of UNESCO. It hosts various festivals including the Ommegang (historical reconstruction of the Joyous Entry of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V - annual festival early July), the carpet of flowers (biennial event in mid-August), the Belgian Beer Weekend (annual, early September), and partly the Brussels Jazz Marathon (annual music festival - late May). Chocolate shops - the best and the worst ones - are numerous in the area.


Atomium (Brussels)

Belgian Comic Strip Center (Brussels)


The center of Brussels is home to other historic buildings (e.g. the Royal Galleries, Ilot Sacré, and the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula), several interesting museums (among others, the Museum of musical instruments, the Magritte Museum and the Belgian Comic Strip Center), and various tourist attractions (including the famous Manneken Pis). Beginning 2019, the prestigious building of the former Brussels Stock Exchange will be converted into a Palace dedicated to Belgian beers. Plus, the Museum of musical instruments and the Belgian Comic Strip Center are housed in magnificent Art Nouveau buildings.

The Sablon (a neighborhood that hosts antique stores) and the imposing Palace of Justice are located in the upper city. The Atomium, a major tourist attraction which dates from the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair, lies in the northern part of the city. As for the Museum of natural sciences in Brussels, it is famous for its Gallery of dinosaurs.

Outside the city, the historic site of the Battle of Waterloo (defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in June 1815) and the Hergé (the creator of the Adventures of Tintin) Museum that is located in the university city of Louvain-la- Neuve are also worth a visit. Bruges and the Belgian seaside in the northern part of the country as well as the Ardennes (including Bastogne) in the southern part are other popular tourist destinations in Belgium.

The flower carpet of the Grand-Place is an event which takes place over three days in mid-August of even-numbered years. The 1800 m² large flower carpet is composed of about1 million cut flowers, mainly begonia flowers. Begonia is a tuber plant that has bright colorful flowers. There are many begonia species. Access to the Grand-Place is free. See more photos (currently in French) of the flower carpet the Grand Place of Brusselsin 2016.

author of the picture: the photos above belong to Willgoto. You find here all our pictures from Belgium.

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Every two years, the flower carpet of the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium, attracts tourists in large amounts in one of the most beautiful squares in the world.