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Pictures from Santo Antão Island in Cape Verde: Ponta do Sol, Fontainhas, and hiking trail.

Ponta do Sol to the north of Santo Antão
Ponta do Sol in the north of Santo Antão Island in Cape Verde. Overview of the village. Picture taken from the path to Fontainhas.

Santo Antão, the second largest island of the Cape Verde archipelago is a mountainous island, ideal for hiking and adventure tourism. As already stated, a classical trek in Santo Antão is the trek to Cova and Ribeira de Paúl. Another popular trail runs between Ponta do Sol and Cruzinha da Garça through Fontainhas and Formiguinhas on the north side of the island.

Ponta do Sol is a small town located on a peninsula of the north coast of Santo Antão, about 5 km away from Ribeira Grande. In the colonial era, it was called Vila de Maria Pia in honor of the eponymous Portuguese Queen. It maintains some buildings from the colonial era. It has a small fishing harbor that is called Boca de Pistola. It was home to the only airport of the island. The airport has been out of order since 2007.
Ponta do Sol is the gateway to the picturesque village of Fontainhas. It is also the starting point of the trek to the north cost of Santo Antão.

Fontainhas to the north of Santo Antão
Fontainhas to the north of Santo Antão Island in Cape Verde. Seen from the path from Ponta do Sol.

Fontainhas is a small village perched between sky and sea, on a cliff of the rocky north coast of Santo Antão Island. With its colored houses hooked to the hilltop in an environment where the green of the mountains contrasts with the blue of the sky and the sea, it is the most picturesque settlement of the island and probably of the whole archipelago. In 2015, National Geographic ranked it among the villages of the world with the most beautiful view. It is an attraction not to be missed.

Fontainhas in Santo Antão, Cape Verde
Fontainhas, a picturesque perched village in Santo Antão, Cape Verde. Seen from the path from Corvo.

From Ponta do Sol, you go to Fontainhas by a narrow 3 km long road on the mountainside where it is often difficult to cross another vehicle. This road is the first part of the trail to the northern coastline of Santo Antão Island when hikers depart from Ponta do Sol or the last part if they start from Cruzinha da Garça. Fontainhas has a few lunch facilities.

The road stops at Fontainhas. The trek to Cruzinha da Garça goes on by a trail that climbs first to the top of the mountainside at the edge of the ocean. A beautiful arête that can be seen from afar stands there. The place offers panoramic views on the sea. Then, the hiking trail turns down the mountainside to Corvo.


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Pictures from Santo Antão Island in Cape Verde: Ponta do Sol, Fontainhas, and hiking trail.