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December 2017 - Russia: Visa-free entry to Russia for the FIFA World Cup.

Football enthusiasts who want to travel to Russia to attend the FIFA 2018 World Cup competitions are exempt from the Russian visa provided they hold a personal spectator card - better known as a FAN ID -, a valid identity document, and an entry ticket to a match (or a document providing the right to receive it). Read more

December 2017 - Egypt:  E-Visa.

Egypt has officially announced the introduction of an electronic visa system. 
You find here the official site of E-Visa to Egypt. The new system is available to citizens of 46 countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan, China, western European countries and Russia. Read more

November 2017 - Flight search and comparison: Google reduces competition.

As for flight searches, there is only a small handful of available technologies in the world. One of the best of them, ITA Software developed by MIT in Cambridge (Massachusetts), is used under license by several airlines and, each with its own know-how, by many comparison sites (the so-called flight aggregators).

In 2010, Google bought ITA Software and uses it under the name Google flights. Google was first pleased to work with other ITA users. Those who used this technology (among other Kayak and Google’s competitor, Bing) have been allowed to use it for a further 5 years. In 2013, ITA technology was even made more easily available (of course against payment) to flight aggregators through an application programming interface (QPX Express API).

Early November 2017, Google announced that this facility will be discontinued in April 2018, endangering the survival of some flight aggregators..However, Matrix Airfare Search (ITA), the non-commercial version of ITA Software, remains available online (Google is legally obliged to do so). You find it here. Use it, but keep in mind that several low-cost airlines do not fully share their flight details with comparison sites and search engines (incl. Google).

October 2017 - United Kingdom: Monarch has been placed into administration.

Monarch airlines and related companies file for insolvency so that all holidays and flights provided by these firms have been canceled as from October 2, 2017. Read more
September 2017 - Benin: E-Visa.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Benin has just announced that travelers will be able to obtain an online visa to enter Benin as from 1 January 2018. Read more.

September 2017- Iran: Online Visa.

Iran has just set up a website that enables visitors to apply online for any kind of visa to Iran. Read more.

September 2017 - Peru:
Visiting Machu Picchu.

Access rights to Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail for 2018 will be allocated once and for all on October 1, 2017. Read more.

September 2017 -
Transatlantic flights: Easyjet’s partnership with Norwegian and Westjet.

The British low-cost airline Easyjet has entered into partnership agreements with Norwegian and Westjet. Read more.

September 2017 - Air travel:
Flight cancellation and passenger rights.

The low-cost airline Ryanair announces the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights until the end of October 2017. This will affect more than 400,000 passengers. The cancellation of these flights is due to a lack of pilots at Ryanair (this year, 718 Ryanair pilots out of 4058 would have left the airline). TACV, the airline of Cape Verde, announces the cancellation of all its international flights until 22 September due to a major breakdown of its unique Boeing 757. In mid-September, Air Berlin (in bankruptcy) also canceled several flights. See your air passenger rights.

August 2017 - Kyrgyzstan: Launch of the e-visa application.

Kyrgyzstan has been added to the list of the countries that offer an electronic visa system. Read more.

August 2017 - Europe: Turbulence in the air transport market.

Air Berlin, the seventh largest airline in Europe, filed for insolvency on August 15, 2017 after its shareholder Etihad Airways has declined to support it further. Read more.

August 2017 - World
: Current tourism trends.

Several other countries, whose tourism was affected by negative factors in the last years, welcomed recently a recovery as do the five destinations that recorded the highest increase in foreign visitors during the first 4 months of 2017. Read more.

August 2017 - Qatar
: Qatar waives visas for 80 nationalities.

Qatar has just abolished the entry visa to Qatar for citizens of 80 countries for a stay of up to 180 days (33 countries including most countries of the European Union) or up to 30 days (47 other countries. Read more.

July 2017 - Iceland: the Icelandic Pledge.

Iceland proposes tourists to adhere to an "Icelandic Pledge", whereby they online commit themselves to behave in an ethical and responsible manner during their stay in Iceland. Read more.

July 2017 - Cape Verde
:  Visa being abolished for European citizens.

Cape Verde announces that as of January 2018, European citizens will be exempted from visas for a maximum tourist stay of 30 days in Cape Verde. Read more.

July 2017 - Peru
: Access to Machu Picchu.

In order to reduce the amount of people visiting Machu Picchu, a new regulation of access to the citadel comes into force on July 1, 2017. Visits will take place in two slots. Read more.

June 2017 - Qatar
: Launch of the e-visa system.

Following many other countries, Qatar has just put online an electronic visa system. Read more.

June 2017 - USA:
Additional controls on passenger's computers.

The United States require the absence of explosives in computers to be controlled on all flights to the United States prior departure. Read more.

June 2017 - Lithuania
: Temporary closure of Vilnius Airport.

The international airport of Vilnius will be completely closed from July 14 to August 18, 2017. Read more.

June 2017 - Malaysia
: Extension of the E-visa system.

The electronic visa system set up in Malaysia in 2016 for Chinese and Indian tourists has just been extended to the citizens of a few other countries. Read more.

June 2017 - Oman
: Launch of an e-visa system.

In turn, Oman has just launched an e-visa system. Read more.

June 2017 - Ethiopia: Launch of an e-visa system.

Following the example of other countries, Ethiopia has just set up an e-visa system. Read more.

June 2017 - Airfares
: Extra charge when booking a flight from a travel agency.

The IAG group, that includes British Airways and Iberia, has announced that, as from November 1, 2017, a GDS surcharge of € 9.50 (£ 8) will be levied on any reservation of an air ticket through a third party (online or physical travel agency) using a GDS system. Read more.

June 2017 - Botswana
: Tax of $ 30 for each tourist entering Botswana.

As from June 1, 2017, Botswana levies a tourist tax of $ 30 that any foreign visitor is to pay upon arrival in Botswana. Read more.

May 2017:
Europe - Promotional offers of Ryanair to Erasmus students.

As from the academic year 2017-2018, Ryanair provides the students who are members of Erasmus Student Network with a 15% discount on Ryanair flights and a free checked-in luggage. Read more.

May 2017: Qatar - Layover in Doha for passengers of Qatar Airways in transit.

Qatar Airways offers travelers calling at Doha the opportunity to discover the city at promotional conditions. These travelers may go out of the airport and stay in Qatar 5 to 96 hours. Read more.

April 2017: South America - Yellow fever cases.

Some countries in South America currently experience a cyclical increase of the cases of yellow fever: Suriname, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. As from April 2017, access to several regions of Colombia (excluding Bogota) will not be allowed for unvaccinated travelers.

March 2017: Spain - A new low-cost airline.

The IAGroup, that owns British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling, announces the creation of Level, a low-cost airline based in Barcelona and specializing in long-haul flights. Read more.

March 2017: Madagascar
- Partnership between Air Austral and Air Madagascar

The Board of Directors of Air Madagascar recommends that Air Austral, the airline based in La Réunion, takes a stake of 49% in Air Madagascar. Read more.

March 2017: Iceland
- A boom in tourism.

In the first two months of this year, the amount of foreign visitors to Iceland has increased by 59%. Read more.

March 2017: Indonesia
- Train service to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (SHIA).

The Indonesian public company PT Railink will put a railway line into operation between Jakarta's main airport (Soekarno-Hatta international airport) and downtown as from July. Read more.

February 2017: United States
- Basic Economy airfare.

After Delta Airlines in 2016, American Airlines in March 2017 and United Airlines in April are going to introduce a Basic Economy class. Read more.

February 2017: Egypt
- Increase of visa fees.

The authorities have postponed the sharp rise of the visa fees ($ 60 instead of $ 25) to 1 July. Read more.

February 2017: Cambodia
- Higher admission fee.

Admission to several tourist sites in Phnom Penh has increased. Read more.

February 2017: Vietnam
- Launch of the e-visa system.

As scheduled, Vietnam has implemented a system of e-visa. Read more.

January 31, 2017: Reunion - Eruption of Piton de la Fournaise.

Piton de la Fournaise came into eruption on January 31. Read more.

January 2017: Madagascar
- Small drop of visa charges.

In 2017, the visa fees to visit Madagascar are reduced by € 4 or € 8. Read more.

January 6, 2017: Sri Lanka - Runway renovations at Colombo airport.

The main runway of Bandaranaike International Airport near Colombo, Sri Lanka, will be closed for renovation from January 6 to April 6, 2017. Read more.

Early January 2017: Spain, Israel, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, and India - Tourism highlights in 2016.

In 2016, Spain, Israel, Cuba,  Brazil, Mexico, and India experienced high increases of foreign visitors. Read more.

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