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Picture of the week (No.17): Biking in Zeeland (Netherlands).                Share

Each week (actually about 2 or 3 times a month), Willgoto selects here a nice picture. Biking in Zeeland (Netherlands) is the theme of the seventeenth picture of this series. With its wide sandy beaches and its many biking trails, Zeeland is a paradise for family vacation with many outdoor activities or just for bike rides

Biking in Zeeland (Netherlands):
Biking in Zeeland (Netherlands): bike ride in the woods of Westerschouwen on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland.

The country. Tourism in the Netherlands is not limited to sightseeing in major cities like Rotterdam and Amsterdam and their famous museums - the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum, to name a few - and in the fields of tulips (like the famous Keukenhof). With its 250 kilometers of coastline, pretty dunes and natural reserves, the Netherlands offers many opportunities for family vacation at the sea.

In particular, Zeeland, the province located to the southwest of the country, presents wide and long sandy beaches ideal for holiday with children at the North Sea. There vacationers enjoy resting in the sun, relaxing on the beach and playing with children, as well as surfing, kitesurfing, sand yachting, and other water sports. Nature lovers also appreciate the many nature reserves in the area.

A large part of Zeeland is situated below the level of the sea. After dramatic North Sea floods in 1953, the Delta Works that consists mainly in the construction of dikes, dams, and Flood barriers in Zeeland and South Holland has been implemented. It is the largest system of maritime flood protection in the world. The works lasted 40 years that extended until 2010 due to additional works. Thanks to the Delta Works, all islands and peninsulas of Zealand are connected to each other by road and are therefore easily accessible by car or bike. Sea-level rise due to climate change and global warming requires a major adjustment of this whole system of protection.

Bike touring. With 30,000 km of bike trails, the Netherlands is probably the country par excellence for cyclists. In Zeeland, the opportunities of pleasant bike rides are very numerous: biking in the dunes (e.g. the nice bike track in the woods of Westerschouwen - the largest wood of Zeeland - or the bike routes between Burgh-Haamstede and Renesse in the island of Schouwen-Duiveland), crossing picturesque villages, the bike route along the coast and many others. The bike rides are also varied, ranging from short rides to multi-day bike rides, like for example the bike route between Amsterdam and Zeeland, that you can pursue to Bruges in Belgium (in total, 315 km in 8 days).

Lovers of cycling find also other nice bike trails in neighboring regions and countries. In Central Netherlands, the tour around the lake IJsselmeer is 400 km long and lasts 8 days. In Belgium, Flanders, which rivals the Netherlands in terms of bicycle touring, offers multiple bike trails such as for example the Polder Route (32 km), the Lys Region Route (51km), and various Scheldt River Valley Routes. Under the label of Ravel, Wallonia brings together many cycling routes that are made up mainly of disused railway lines or towpaths on river banks. The Vennbahn between Aachen (Germany) and Troisvierges (Luxembourg) follows the beautiful itinerary of the disused railway line of the same name on 125 km across the High Fens in Belgium.

You may also want to see these beautiful pictures (temporarily in French) from Zeeland or Ravel:

Delta Works (Zeeland)

Beaches (Zeeland)



The author of the photos. All above photos belong to Willgoto. Here you will find all our pictures from Zeeland. Dozens of more recent pictures will be added soon.

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With its wide sandy beaches and its many biking trails, Zeeland (Netherlands) is a paradise for family vacation with many outdoor activities or just for bike rides.