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Pictures from Aachen in Germany: the money-cycle fountain, the City Hall and the Charlemagne Center.

Fontaine  "le Cycle de l'argent" (Kreislauf des Geldes) à Aix-la-Chapelle
The beggar is one of the statues surrounding the money-cycle fountain in Aachen, Germany.

The money-cycle (Kreislauf des Geldes) fountain was offered in 1976 by the Aachen Savings Bank (Sparkasse Aachen). It is the work of German artist Karl-Henning Seemann and is located at the end of the garden of Elise (Elisengarten) in Aachen.

Through the circulation of water, this fountain symbolizes the circulation of money. It is surrounded by statues that represent people who are all dealing with money: the money you give, take, hoard or teach a child. The water is warm, so the fountain works all year round. Water circulates counterclockwise.

In Aachen, there are several other famous fountains, including the Bird Fountain (Vogelbrunnen), the Elise Fountain (Elisenbrunnen) and the Doll Fountain (Puppenbrunnen).

Aachen City Hall
Aachen City Hall in Germany.

After the demolition of Charlemagne's palace, the city of Aachen, in agreement with the Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria, had a new Gothic building built in the 13th century at the place of the palace It was on the one hand to be the seat of the municipal administration and on the other hand to serve as ceremonial hall for the most important festivities of the empire.

This prestigious city hall, whose construction was completed in 1350, was partly devastated by fires in the 17th and 19th centuries and during the Second World War. Each time, it was restored. The roof of the neo-Gothic towers was renovated in 1979.

The Council Hall, the White Hall (small celebration hall), the Master Craftsmen's Court (beautiful baroque hall where clothmakers had to submit their products for approval by jurors in order be allowed to export them), and the Peace Treaty Hall, also called Red Hall, are some of the most beautiful parts of this building.

In Aachen City Hall, the Charlemagne Prize is awarded each year to a personality for his particular contribution to European unification.

Centre Charlemagne in Aachen
Centre Charlemagne in Aachen, Germany.

The so-called "Centre Charlemagne" is the new municipal museum of Aachen. It was built on the foundations of the former imperial palace of Charlemagne. It traces the milestones of the city since its foundation by the Romans.

In addition to the cathedral and its treasury, Aachen is home to several other attractive museums, including the Ludwig Forum (modern art), the Suermondt-Ludwig Museum, the Couven Museum, the International Newspaper Museum, and the Customs Museum Friedrichs.


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Pictures from Aachen in Germany: the money-cycle fountain, the City Hall, and the Centre Charlemagne.