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Picture of the week (No.26): Beaches in Cape Verde.                              Share

Each week (actually currently 1 or 2 times a month), Willgoto selects here a nice picture. The tourist attractions of Cape Verde and, particularly, the beach of Santa Maria in the island of Sal are the theme of the  twenty-sixth picture of this series. Cape Verde is a popular holiday destination throughout the twelve months of the year. CNN Travel ranked it among the top 18 destinations to choose from in 2018.

Sal Beach in Cape Verde
Santa Maria Beach in the south of the island of Sal in Cape Verde.

The country. The archipelago of Cape Verde is made up of ten islands, nine of which are inhabited. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 600 km away from the coast of Senegal. It is part of the Macaronesia, which also includes the Canary Islands, the Azores and Madeira. Cape Verde, a former Portuguese colony, has been an independent country since 1975. It is home to over half a million inhabitants. More than half of them live in the island of Santiago.

The country's natural resources are scarce and its agricultural production is limited by the lack of water. The economy of Cape Verde is mainly based on fishing, services, remittances from the Cape Verdean diaspora abroad, and international aid. The archipelago has a long-standing strategic geographical position in trade and transport. For the last twenty years, tourism has made a growing contribution to the country's development.

For many people around the world, Cape Verde has become known for its music, especially the morna, a musical genre made famous by Cesária Évora, who died in 2011.

Tourism. With a pleasant climate, Cape Verde is a holiday destination all the year round. However, the tourist attractions in Cape Verde vary considerably from one island to another.

The islands of Sal and Boa Vista which are sandy islands with flat relief are the main destinations for a seaside holiday in Cape Verde. They are the most visited islands. In Sal, the hotel area is mainly concentrated in the south of the island in Santa Maria and in the vicinity. In Boa Vista, it is located mainly to the south of Sal Rei on the west coast of the island. Both islands have kilometers of fine sandy beaches. Several of these beaches are suitable for swimming, many others for surfing and other nautical activities, such as fishing, boat trips and snorkeling. Some of the beaches in Cape Verde are among the most beautiful in the world.

In Sal as in Boa Vista, accommodation options are varied, ranging from large all-inclusive resorts to varied guest rooms and self-catering apartments. The two islands are on the agenda of many European tour operators.

The island of São Vicente is better known for its culture and heritage than for its beaches. The island benefits from the prestigious past of the port of Mindelo, which today is still very active. São Vicente is home to the main carnival and the main musical festival - the Baia Das Gatas Festival - of the archipelago. It is also the homeland and the last home of Cesária Évora.

Other islands, such as Fogo and Santo Antão, which have a very rugged relief, are the paradise of hikers. Fogo is best known for its volcano, the Pico do Fogo, which with 2 829 m of altitude, is the highest point of the archipelago. Late 2014-early 2015, the volcano eruption dramatically marked the island, but did not prevent tourism from resuming gradually thereafter.

The island of Santiago is the largest (991 km²) and the most populous of the archipelago. The capital of the country, Praia, is located in the south of the island. Santiago offers various tourist activities -beaches, hikes, heritage - and also welcomes many business trips. Nelson Mandela International Airport in Praia is connected all year round to cities like Lisbon, Casablanca, Amsterdam and Boston.

The Cape Verdean escudo is the currency of the country. It has been pegged to the euro.

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The author of the pictures. The above pictures belong to Willgoto.

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The beautiful beaches of Cape Verde are among the tourist attractions that make the archipelago a holiday destination throughout the year.